“Business Platform” is the place where investments live

“Business Platform” is the place where investments live

Online platform for attraction of investments “Business Platform” has established itself as a major player in the investment market for 4 years. The platform helps investors and project authors to meet each other, even if they are on opposite points of the planet


Tatarstan is traditionally one of the leading regions in the country in terms of attracting investments, primarily foreign ones. According to the Ministry of Finance of the Republic, today in Tatarstan has been formed a pool of promising investment projects, both production and infrastructure, totaling more than 4.5 trillion rubles.

A flexible approach of the Republic for cooperation with external partners plays an important role in such results, but also the use of all possible ways to attract investment. It should be noted here an innovative tool that radically changes the idea of finding investment and promising projects – the international online platform "Business Platform". For 4 years of existence the platform has concentrated a powerful pool of investors – 2350, almost 6 thousand projects and 2 thousand existing businesses, as well as 88 published franchises.

– The mission of our online platform is to increase the investment attractiveness of the Russian regions and in particular to attract foreign investment in regional budgets, – shared the Director of "Business Platform" Aysylu Garipova.

According to her, despite the difficult geopolitical situation in the world, there is no global decline in interest from foreign investors. On the contrary, there is an increase in foreign investment in Russia, and in Tatarstan in particular.

– We effectively work with representatives of business circles of Germany, Spain, France, monitor a strong interest from the US, – Aysylu Garipova says.

Due to the possibilities of the Internet through a global network today, we see not only orders goods for everyday use, but also conduct transactions, sign multi-million contracts.

– Our advantage is about online connection between investors and authors of projects. We dispel the myth that you need to visit a lot of places in order to attract investment, including other countries, meet with all possible investors and present the project live. The results show that it is possible to attract investments in the network. Moreover, it is much easier, – the Director of the site emphasizes.

"Business Platform" substantially saves time for investors and for investors. This site is a kind of" Dating site", where they communicate directly. "Business Platform" is not involved in the dialogue process, but for its part provides comprehensive support to both. For instance, experts help to create the perfect business plan for authors of the project site that will definitely interest the investor. From the other side, this is a kind of online store for future investors, where via a couple of clicks you can "buy" your favorite idea or business project.

On "Business Platform" business representatives and potential project authors received a unique online platform for business development. Probably, the imaginary complexity of online registration stops many. However, all you need for successful opening of access to business ideas and investment companies from all over the world is to register on the website. Today more than 62 thousand people have done it.

For many companies, “Business Platform” had become a key to success and international level access. “BP” is not going to rest on laurels. Online platform strives for even more ambitious achievements and spectacular projects, having serious grounds for great ambitions.