Poland Prize – Start your business in Poland

Poland Prize – Start your business in Poland

New business

New business should be started and developed in Poland

Poland is one of the most dynamically developing European countries offering wide access to the markets of the European Union. Poland strives for innovation and develops a strategy for further development. Starting a business in Poland is not only expedient, but also easy with the help of such programs as Poland Prize, thanks to which you will turn your ideas into a prosperous business.

Poland Prize is part of the „Start in Poland” program, which creates conditions in Poland for the development of startups - from the incubation stage, through development, to foreign expansion. Poland Prize offers similar opportunities for the best startups from abroad. Within the framework of the program, the Polish Agency for enterprise development has chosen 6 operators, whose task is to attract the most promising start-UPS from abroad to Poland. The program combines the ideas of incubation and acceleration, with a special focus on training foreign startups to work in Poland.

Startups participating in the program are offered:

  • Soft landing – a simplified visa regime, the guardian on administrative matters
  • Grants up to 200 thousand zlotys
  • Up to 50 thousand PLN for legal, accounting and consulting services
  • Specialist advice on technology
  • Mentoring and networking
  • Acceleration

In order to implement the program, which in addition to increasing the innovation of the economy should be an important source of valuable investments for Polish private investors - venture capital funds and business angels, PARP has allocated about 30 million zlotys.

The accelerators operating under the Poland Prize will be looking for the best startups by mid-2019 to encourage them to develop their ideas and products in Poland. Operators ' actions will extend to various international markets, including Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as to start-up centers such as Berlin, London and Stockholm.

Where to start?

The program includes 6 operators with experience in supporting the development of young technology companies. Each of them works in a certain geographical area and in certain industries. Go to the website of the Poland Prize . Find out what accelerators are a better fit for your ideas, take a look at the information about it and fill out the application form on his web site.

How it works?

Each participant of the program is offered the so-called Soft landing, i.e. support for startup groups until the moment of receiving a grant from the operator. The simplified visa regime will help the creators of innovative companies to settle in Poland. The procedure of issuing an invitation will be used, which will greatly facilitate and speed up the obtaining of a visa.

In addition, a specially selected person (Concierge) will support the foreigner (at the language level and in essence) in the daily tasks - those related to the stay in the new country and those related to the creation of business, in contacts with government agencies, banks. Will assist in the registration of the company and the application for a temporary residence permit.

Actions within the acceleration process will include mentoring, accounting and legal advice, specialized technology advice and networking activities – that is, actions to include the new company in the Polish startup ecosystem, search for investors, external financing, suppliers and potential customers.

Why Poland?

Poland is a large market with development potential for startups. It is the sixth most populous country and one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union (5.1% in the second quarter of 2018). Its Central location and well-developed transport infrastructure and information and communication technologies guarantee fast and efficient access to the markets of any country in Europe. Poland is also a great intellectual potential and a rich base of R & d services - 37 modern technology parks. Universities that train highly qualified specialists promote innovation. Noticed already the largest Corporation in the world, over the last few years their R & d centers placed in Poland more than 40 global corporations.

Given the leading role of innovation in the Polish development strategy, followed by multibillion-dollar startup support programs, there is no doubt that it is worth developing your ideas and turning them into a business in such an environment.

Additional information

Poland Prize is a program implemented in the framework of the state program to support the development of start-UPS "Start in Poland". It was created during the work of PARP in the creative process implemented in the formula of the PARP inno_LAB project and funded under the operational program of intelligent development, paragraph 2.4.1 center for analysis and experimental research of new tools inno_LAB. Detailed information about the program is available on the website: http://en.parp.gov.pl/poland-prize