Starta Ventures and online platform for startups and investors “Business Platform"

Starta Ventures and online platform for startups and investors “Business Platform

The Starta Ventures group and online platform for startups investors "Business Platform" reached the partnership agreement

The partnership is planned to be implemented in the following areas:

- Search and selection of projects for Starta Ventures acceleration programs in New York;

- Consideration of projects placed on the site “Business Platform” for possible investment of funds and co-investors Starta Ventures;

- Participation of partners in joint events - investment meetings and pitch sessions.

“Partnership with the Starta Ventures group will allow Business Platform projects to find more effective ways to enter the US market and adapt the business model and product to the US market,” commented platform CEO Aysylu Garipova.

The Starta Ventures group brings unites two venture funds, the accelerator in New York's Starta Accelerator, and the co-working Sputnik Space. In September 2018, the Fund received an award from the National Association of Business Angels of Russia as the best early stage Investment Fund. The group's portfolio includes about 100 startups. Every year Starta considers more than 2000 applications for the accelerator in the United States, the program of which helps technology companies to enter the American market, adapt to the business culture and develop ties in the investor community.

“We believe that the development of online platforms with the element of quality expertise in such projects is the future of the investment infrastructure, and we look with interest at the prospects of a new partnership,” said Sergey Vasilev, managing partner of Starta Ventures.

Business Platform Company represents a complex of tools for search and attraction of investments, development and scaling of projects and existing businesses. The international platform for search and attraction of investments since 2014 helps investors and entrepreneurs to find each other and at the moment unites more than 6 700 placed projects of different stages of development and more than 3 400 registered investors around the world.