The birthday of "Business Platform". We are 5 years old!

The birthday of

For five years, the online platform "Business Platform" has been helping authors and investors to create joint projects, earn money on them and scale. At the same time, more than 77,000 businessmen and users choose who to offer their idea to and, conversely, which startup to invest in.

Today, the platform is a direct search for investments and trending business ideas. By industry, volume of costs, stages of project implementation and geography. Almost three and a half thousand initiatives from entrepreneurs who want to invest their money are presented at the site. 7,378 authors offer their own developments.

The dynamic development of the "Business Platform" allowed us to reach the international level in the fourth year of work. Now representatives from 17 countries of the world place their proposals on the site.

Experience has proven the need for a comprehensive approach to working with clients. "Business Platform" team helps users work out the business models of their projects and pack for the investor. Today 2,5 thousand offers on finished businesses are placed on the platform. Directions from the oil and gas industry to the fashion industry.

The convenience of "Business Platform" and its openness. Here experienced businessmen share their experience, analyze real cases, discuss problems and prospects of cooperation. The platform also resolved the issue of raising the level of education. One of its areas is the online education marketplace "Business School". Within the framework of which a team of specialists produces projects of leading experts in various business fields. This knowledge is packaged in a clear, convenient format and placed on the site. Thus, the marketplace allows you to improve your knowledge anywhere in the world, and at a convenient time.

For 5 years, the international platform for search and attraction of investments "Business Platform" has proved its benefits for investors, partners and project authors. They can learn online about promising offers, market trends and open a new business. Examples of this are the success stories presented on the site, which were shared by users of the site.

This is just the beginning. "Business Platform" continues to expand. Today, it works with investment and venture organizations, business angels, business support associations as well as regional development institutions.

The Business Platform team is happy to share our first anniversary with you. We thank users of the online platform for their trust and we always open to cooperation with beginners and experienced businessmen.