We are 4 years old

We are 4 years old

"Business Platform" helps to meet the authors of ideas and potential investors for 4 years.

The company “Business Platform” is initiated by “Direct Investment Fund” in December 2014.

The main conception of the platform – online Dating investors and authors of ideas across the globe. All of them are at the different stages of implementation – from business idea to existing business.

A lot of innovative ideas are implemented via the "Business Platform". The authors optimize the time expenses during the search for an investor and the presentation of its project, and investors receive interesting proposals in a convenient format.   

Achievements of the Platform today:

  • 6 000 business projects for investment,
  • 2 500 investors willing to invest in projects,
  • 1 500 completed projects,
  • 350 000 site views per month.

You don’t longer need to look for investors on various resources and send mailings to everyone, we have investors which receive all the projects that suit them in a convenient format. All projects are divided into areas and directions, filters help to find an idea that will inspire you.

For 4 years, the company has reached the international level. We are actively working as with Russian investors and projects, so with international ones.

Are you willing to make your dream comes true or another way, are you in search for projects or ideas for business development?

We invite you to “Business Platform”

Discover new opportunities for Your business!