Gold mine in Altai region

Business description

Around Oxonica section of inferred resources of gold categories P2 estimated in the amount of 45, 9 t, contained in63, 6 million tons of ore with an average content of 0, 72 g/ton.

Okunishi gold Deposit apply to large deposits with favorable mining and geological conditions that allow for the extraction of gold by method of excavation excavation without the use of drilling and blasting. Depth testing of the ore body – up to 30 meters, the power of the pump is 5-7 meters.

In this testing a high efficiency of extraction of gold from the weathering Oksanasolo field.

The average production cost of an ounce of gold will not exceed $ 650 US, which is significantly below the global average cost of mining one ounce.

Reserves and resources of this Deposit allow you to project the construction of gold mining enterprise with the capacity of 1, 0-2, 0 million tons of ore per year and provided for reserves for at least 20 years.

Financial ratios

of business share (One hundred %)
Price of business share
350 000 000
Monthly net profit
not indicated
Monthly average turnover
not indicated
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


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Project No. 38302
Created on: 27.07.2018

Sale: of business share

Share amount: One hundred %

Business price: 350 000 000

Monthly profit: Not indicated

Monthly average turnover: Not indicated

Monthly average expenses: Not indicated


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Denisenko Vyacheslav Stepanovich

Russia, Altai Krai, Togul
Mining industry