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Our organization is 12 years. Are engaged in wholesale-retail sales. At the moment our offices exist in Moscow, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Saint-Petersburg, and also in the countries of the Customs Union. Sell goods to the Chinese manufacturer.Use the following promotional tools: Internet and events. The events experienced consultants to talk about our product and why it is worth buying. There is a demonstration of the product, as it is better to see once than to hear 100 times. Also at our events, we conduct a free diagnosis of the whole organism unique device accupunture points, those who do not really believe in it, make sure when our experts put the exact same diagnosis as that of experienced doctors, only we make a diagnosis without swallowing light bulbs, blood tests and other costly procedures assigned to the treatment with consumption of our product. At our events, the client makes sure that our products better and more reliable. It takes place on the basis of our Wellness centre in St. Petersburg. Show your products in action before the sale, do not hesitate, because we believe in its validity and relevance. All goods are certified.The scheme of realization of turnover was developed 12 years ago, shows himself perfectly still, this means the potential of this region is enormous.At the moment you need partners to accelerate the development of the market of St. Petersburg. Without new colleagues it will go a bit slower, but the result is the same. At the last corporate event revealed that it was in St. Petersburg the market for crude, as they were never engaged seriously.Partnership goals: 1. The organization of the health Department on-site office.2. A significant increase in passive and active promotion (ads, events, flyers and invitations, newsletter, cold calls).Range of product: household chemicals (concentrated power tools), new diagnostic devices and preventive measures of the body (including massagers), household appliances (ozone generators, cleaning fruit) personal hygiene products(soap, shampoo, toothpaste, shower gels), cosmetics (lotions, skarby, masks, pads, eye cream, sunblock), food additives(calcium, spirulina, syrup of figs, omega, zinc, Cordyceps, vitamins, cellulose), a full list with description can provide and a certificate for each product.Why is it in demand? People will always get sick – so always look for what will help them. Why take a share in this business:1. Experienced parteneri interested in Your growth 2. Promotion scheme exists for 12 years, this scheme was organized by the commercial structures in the cities that I listed in the beginning. Some of these structures are operational since 2002. So the scheme works.3.The product is in demand and unique.The calculation of payback periods: Many of the activities are carried out through Moscow, office rent too, so for You it's free. With the active is there are an average of 80 people (not acceptable Anymore to avoid queues). On average, a client makes a trade after the event, 5,000 rubles, only 400 000, net profit of 30% of the amount, that is 120 000 rubles. 70% of customers become regular customer. Next customers give feedback to their friends, and during my practice the negative reviews – these are isolated cases. Recommend the product, so by the end of the month have about 70-80 new regular customers. Regular client makes an average turnover of 5 000 rubles a month, that is 120 000 rubles a month we already have.Further, when the opening of the Wellness Department in the office of about 20-30 people a month are diagnosed. The cost of diagnostics is 4000 rubles (2000 specialist 2000 – in the pocket). We add to our 120 000 40 000 received 160 000. It's only individuals. Currently looking for wholesale buyers, the estimated target audience is restaurants, they need cleaning products, this beauty, they need cosmetics, Wellness centres and saunas, they need the tumblers and tea, of dentistry, they need toothpaste, hookah cafes, they also need tea, are organizations that provide services for cleaning Windows and large objects that they need cleaning products. The needs and circumstances did not discuss with them, so I'm not gonna lie, all the numbers and calculations give, as soon as I personally wholesale buyer, indicators from other regions can learn and give You those numbers, but in St. Petersburg this figure is of course higher, as it is the second largest city. Because of the lack of personal funds, talks about the beginning of the wholesale sales are difficult. The team will accelerate this process several times.Links to the demonstration of the product(cleaning sredstva):http://vk.com/video?q=DICHO§ion=search&z=video297488075_171154757http://vk.com/video?q=DICHO§ion=search&z=video300096193_171186970http://vk.com/video?q=DICHO§ion=search&z=video-93128664_171102314

What people can see – does not require proof.Photos from events will be sent by mail(diagnostics, SPA treatments, the atmosphere of the Wellness centre).Additional videos give on request.Your responsibilities in the business:1. Your donation goes to Your ad.2. Part of the fee goes to the rental office.3. First purchase.4. Active cooperation.Our responsibilities:1. Provision of part of the office.2. Informational support.3. Organization of events

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