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The shop is located in the shopping center, the largest in Chernozem region. Area 55 sq. m. for short-term lease with right of renewal(Contract until July 2016). The price includes antitheft, video, shopping, display case and cash register equipment, software, intangible assets, namely the concept of rebranding with ready-made materials (logo, 3D visualisation of the new format, marketing strategy), the program of motivation of the sellers, the analysis of the annual balance sheet, standard signs, the list of approved suppliers of goods)

Cost (at purchase prices) of transferred balance is constantly changing to offer price are not taken into account. It is about 1,000 units of clothes. Give all the contacts and addresses of reliable suppliers that we work with for several years. Our shop is known and loved by consumers, originality and quality of product give a high evaluation.

Shop for sale due to the need to reinforce the second, acting and more profitable project (fitness services), which is already 4 years. At the start of the business invested a much larger sum, and a lot of effort, work and time, so it's a really good offer for those who don't know where to start and "where to go". Initially our proposal was distributed to the consumption segment of boys/girls 1 to 16 years for the franchise izvestnoi German company. Studying the market trend, demand, competition in the conditions of crisis, I developed and prognozirovania different marketing strategy aimed at increasing profitability. All the used strategies have led to the growth of all without an exception of performance indicators. For 2 years activities of traffic of potential buyers dropped significantly, but revenues have increased! This happened through the introduction of effective programs of motivation of the sellers, their training, my personal training (for 2 years I had 4 times visited the workshops of the best speakers of the Russian Federation in Moscow). At the moment I have a ready and consistent with the marketing strategy aimed at increasing the traffic of potential buyers, which is embodied and is already 50% implemented.All their ideas will gladly convey to the new owner of the store. Including 3D visualization of the new interior, which worked managers design Agency in Nikolaev for almost 6 months.

Shop for 2 years located in one place, so the store has gained a base of loyal customers. Our product out of competition among the Mall.

The shop assortment consists of baby clothes, there are models for every budget and affordable and very stylish things for the holiday and every day. In stock outerwear, blouses, a large number of jeans and pants, sweaters, dresses, cardigans, hosiery, jewelry, lingerie and even interior toys. Range balanced, well thought out, each capsule (bow) standardized. It is very convenient from the point of view of merchandising, facilitates the process of signs of product.

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
1 300 000
Monthly net profit
not indicated
Monthly average turnover
not indicated
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


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Created on: 27.07.2018

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 1 300 000

Monthly profit: Not indicated

Monthly average turnover: Not indicated

Monthly average expenses: Not indicated

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Nefyodova Elena Yurevna

Russia, Belgorod oblast, Belgorod