CJSC "Soniagraupera"

Business description

Industrial base: Grounds 1 HA, 1050 sq m — warehouse of 1,050 sq m — fully equipped maintenance shop ( incl. 9 diagnostic lifts, tire service, paint shop, car wash) 500 sq m office building over 2 floors. Convenient access roads, direct road freight transport. Located in the industrial area of the city. It is convenient to use as a single industrial base, and separately, (maintenance shop + warehouse + offices + Parking). On a large Parking extra trailers, single occupancy car parks 50 trucks. Base running — there are tenants (rent is 600 000 rubles per month.)The base is surrounded with a concrete fence and is equipped with automatic gates, the territory is guarded round the clock private security. Consider the sales database as a whole and the parts (avtotekhtsentr///warehouses industrial///Parking///office space), equity in the business. Consider other options of cooperation

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
55 000 000
Monthly net profit
Monthly average turnover
Monthly average expenses


Quantity of employees
Additional information on staff

the service center employees and builders are on piece-rate wages

Premise space
2600 sq m
Information about Landlord
facilities and grounds all of the property
Additional information about premises

office two-story building, fully equipped with furniture and appliances, there is a kitchen for employees

car service and car wash is fully equipped with all the latest equipment

the entire territory guarded round the clock, entrance through a barrier

Means of production

all the necessary equipment for workshop and construction companies, as well as SRO permits and licenses, legal and accounting documents in order

Intangible assets

Additional information

Business age
24 years
Entity type

ZAO, OOO (two organizations: ZAO "Soniagraupera and Elektrostroymontazh") sold together or separately

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Project No. 38434
Created on: 27.07.2018

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 55 000 000

Monthly profit: 695000

Monthly average turnover: 800000

Monthly average expenses: 105000

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Contact details of entrepreneur

Radchenko Lyubov Aleksandrovna

Russia, Ivanovo oblast, Ivanovo
Industrial parks, Machinery, Real estate, Carriage / transport / logistics, Construction