Advertising business with revenue from 100-270 Tr /month

Business description

Sale business network advertising media in the fitness clubs with income from 100 000 to 270 000 per month at no cost and rent payments. The link to the video looks like the kind of business —

1. Business description: the largest fitness clubs in Kazan with colourful advertising media — American thin light panel with led backlight size 1, 2 x 0, 8 m (cost 1 pieces of Classic model A0 production, Reigler — 36 thousand rubles- ). Them advertisers place static advertising posters of A0 format — printing material is translucent backlit film. The total number of fitness clubs in the advertising network — 8. The number of advertising media — 15 pieces.

2. The mechanics of interaction with the owners of the premises: This business does not require costs and lease payments. With all the fitness clubs have exclusive contracts for which they receive a Commission only in case of placement of advertising on them.

3. The average profit of the accommodation on the 1st advertising media — from 10 to 15 thousand.

4.Placement of advertising media: Advertising media — luminous panel located in the most passable places — the reception and entrance groups, fitness clubs.

5. A list of the fitness clubs within the advertising network:- Iron Club (St. Gavrilova, 1)- Epicenter (Chuikov, 41A) — Aquarena (Korolenko, 28a) — Alex fitness (GUM Bauman 51)- Alter Ego (Ershov, 16) — Powerhouse gym ( Krasnokokshayskaya, 119)- a water Park "Riviera" (Amirkhan, 1)- Akimbo (Fuchika, 90)6. Clients placed in advertising networks — Beeline, MTS,, Bin Bank, NOMOS Bank, spurt Bank, Lexus, clinic of Ava Kazan, sports nutrition Megasport, the insurance company Mascot, a sports shop Freddie, Reebok, Alpari etc. Contracts with all the fitness clubs and client base with contacts and previous advertisers!

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
950 000
Monthly net profit
150 000
Monthly average turnover
250 000
Monthly average expenses
20 000


Quantity of employees
Additional information on staff

The business requires little or no labor resources to service enough for 1 person.

Wages fund
Twenty thousand
Rental cost
One thousand
Additional information about premises

Rent is paid only in case if there is. When the shields are free — rent is not paid.

Means of production

15 advertising media

Additional information

Business age
3 years
Entity type


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Created on: 27.07.2018

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 950 000

Monthly profit: 150 000

Monthly average turnover: 250 000

Monthly average expenses: 20 000

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Kushner Vadim Olegovich

Russia, Tatarstan Republic, Kazan