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Business description

1. For sale cheap a real estate Agency. The Agency works since 2012, provides a full range of real estate services (buying and selling residential real estate segment in the secondary market and new buildings, rental, rural and commercial real estate), the Agency operates under well-known Brand. 2. The Agency is located in an area with a large and diverse housing stock (secondary market, new buildings). Presentable branded office, 1st line of houses. On the facade of the house – sign with the company name. Near the building Parking, landscaped grounds. Optimal geographical location, good transport accessibility. 3. Built a system of selection and training of personnel. Created a modern website. Regular preferential unloading of objects to large Internet portals. For effective work designed by a professional real estate CRM system (desktop and WEB modules all processes from first contact with a client until registration of the transaction, the effective units of work, the ability to fully control and supervision of the Director of the Agency, a variety of analytical reports, sales funnel, etc.).4. The office is fully equipped: renovated, installed equipment, equipment, furniture, telephone and Internet. 5. You have the opportunity to buy a business with a positive and active history of development: the Agency enjoys a reliable reputation, for five years, was regularly advertising and marketing campaigns (Internet, promotion in social networks, advertising in the hallways, flyers, distribution of brochures, outdoor advertising, etc.).

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
500 000
Monthly net profit
not indicated
Monthly average turnover
not indicated
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


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Created on: 27.07.2018

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 500 000

Monthly profit: Not indicated

Monthly average turnover: Not indicated

Monthly average expenses: Not indicated

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Svetlov Dmitriy Mikhaylovich

Russia, Moscow Oblast, Moscow
Real estate, Services