Furniture manufacturing and retail chain stores

Business description

Urgent sale ready business, furniture manufacturing (area leased), has all the necessary equipment, machine tools (sawing, edge-lining, etc.), there is a large amount of material in the warehouse (plastic, chipboard, countertops, wall panels, etc.), warehouse accessories. In the production of only experienced collectors, storekeeper, raspasovschika-oblitsovschik, foreman, storekeeper, accountant, delivery Manager, head of Department. The production of more than 15 years.Also, together with the production of sell-brand retail network. Salons, exhibition samples, with branded signage, with all necessary for work. All of the staff-skilled workers (the administrator, managers, designers, designer, 2 service-Maine). Also give the entire customer base accumulated over the years, contacts, suppliers, and counter-agents, with the purchase of materials at a huge discount. There is also a sale from 2 suppliers on a regular basis. There is a website which brings additional profit.The price is low for urgent sale, in connection with the relocation of the owner to relocate to another city.

All figures in the profit indicated in the "non-seasonal months," without any advertising investment, given the terrain. Profit very easy to verovati, as this has all resources.Ready to help at the initial stage!

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
2 500 000
Monthly net profit
350 000
Monthly average turnover
3 000 000
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


Quantity of employees
Additional information on staff

Production: 2 raspilovschika-oblitsovschik, shop foreman, delivery Manager, storekeeper, 2 designer designer, 5 collectors, the foreman.

There is constant hiring a minibus with driver on very favorable terms.

Retail:the designer 2, designer 2 Manager, administrator, management, field designer, 2 service-Maine, management.

Wages fund
Three hundred fifty thousand
Premise space
The production of 600 sq m, 45 sq. m to 64 sq. m.
Rental cost
Production-100000, Shops 116000

Additional information

Business age
20 years
Entity type


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Created on: 27.07.2018

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 2 500 000

Monthly profit: 350 000

Monthly average turnover: 3 000 000

Monthly average expenses: Not indicated

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Contact details of entrepreneur

Barieva Olga Sergeevna

Russia, Tatarstan Republic, Kazan
Domestic and other staff, Trade