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For sale industrial-property complex of poultry plant in the town of Dalmatovo of the Kurgan region...

12.08.2017 G. Ministry of economic development approved the application of the creation of areas of advancing socio-economic development (TOSER) in 11 towns. The list includes the city Dalmatovo of the Kurgan region. This is stated on the official website of the Department.Projects approved by the relevant Board, include the establishment of not less than 14 thousand jobs in 10 years and engaging in an ADZ at least 170 residents. This will allow to diversify the economy of the municipality and to reduce dependence on core enterprises. Investors receive tax benefits, almost four times reduced premiums to non-budgetary funds.

The total land area of 21 hectares, the area of all buildings 14898 sq. m.

Owner — 1 person.

Poultry was founded in 2003. In 2009 was produced by gasification. All production corps have been transferred to Autonomous heating.

There are all necessary production: plant reproduction and incubation, the industrial workshop of cultivation of chickens-broilers, shop for slaughter of birds.

Perfect driveways. Equidistant from

Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen: 164 — 253 km.

1 000 kW power

In the factory there are:

2 TP

Buck of GAS

2 wells water depth of 90 m. the loop

2 water tower

Layout of underground water in the plastic in all areas

7 poultry houses 96 x 18 m, as the installation of cells in 3-4 tiers,

and floor poultry.

Building dining room


The building of a veterinary block

2 hangar

7 poultry houses

Truck scales

Car garage


Tractor garage

Workshop for production of feed

Poultry is a major enterprise.

The total annual volume of 1, 4 million heads.

2014 poultry is frozen.

The area is fully secured.

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
60 000 000
Monthly net profit
not indicated
Monthly average turnover
not indicated
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


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Project No. 38817
Created on: 27.07.2018

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 60 000 000

Monthly profit: Not indicated

Monthly average turnover: Not indicated

Monthly average expenses: Not indicated

Website: http://www.ptice-fabrika45.ru/

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Mirkina Yuliya Solomonovna

Russia, Kurgan Oblast, Dalmatovo
Food industry