Gifts (3D photo in glass)

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Manufacturing of exclusive Souvenirs — 3D pictures in glass, and any other three-dimensional and two-dimensional images in all transparent materials.New business, a monthly sustainable revenue growth.The price includes laser equipment, inventory, online shop, page in VK and Instagram.Monthly revenue at the current stage of 500-550 thousand rubles. per month. Cost about 400 thousand rubles (basic the is may reduction). The profit of 150 thousand rubles. month. In the holiday months a sharp increase in revenue. There are ready-made business solutions to increase revenue by 30-50%.The project payback period is 10 months, maybe faster depends on the cost of advertising. The number of staff to 3 people.There is a base legal. .Urgent sale!

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
1 700 000
Monthly net profit
150 000
Monthly average turnover
500 000
Monthly average expenses
350 000


Quantity of employees
Additional information on staff

2 sales Manager

The operator of a laser installation


Wages fund
One hundred twenty thousand
Premise space
Rental cost
Ten thousand
Means of production

Three-dimensional laser engraving machine (price of a new 40 000 USD or 2, 4 million rubles).

Inventory 270 thousand.

Intangible assets

Site, the group VK, the brand

Additional information

Business age
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Created on: 27.07.2018

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 1 700 000

Monthly profit: 150 000

Monthly average turnover: 500 000

Monthly average expenses: 350 000


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