Business description

We provide services of taxi in Moscow since 2001: accepted in both private and corporate clients. The user personally selects drivers who quickly, accurately and without incident, and will take you on the best route. Proudly state that more than 500 Russian and foreign companies have already appreciated the level of service our transport company, making a trip to Moscow and Moscow region.

Financial ratios

of business share (Fifty two %)
Price of business share
13 000 000
Monthly net profit
100 000
Monthly average turnover
3 500 000
Monthly average expenses
2 500 000


Quantity of employees
Wages fund
One million two hundred thousand
Premise space
170 sq m
Information about Landlord
SP Alekseev
Rental cost
Eighty thousand

Additional information

Business age
16 years
Entity type
The limited liability company
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Project No. 38992
Created on: 27.07.2018

Sale: of business share

Share amount: Fifty two %

Business price: 13 000 000

Monthly profit: 100 000

Monthly average turnover: 3 500 000

Monthly average expenses: 2 500 000

Website: taxi-pilot.ru

338 reviews

Contact details of entrepreneur

Velikanova Kristina Igorevna

Russia, Moscow Oblast, Moscow
Carriage / transport / logistics