The current rental business: the building of the restaurant "McDonald's"


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Business description

We offer for sale current rental business: fast food restaurant "McDonald's" with the land.

The restaurant is a detached single storey brick building with a total area of 443, 3 sq. m., located on a plot of 2350 sq. m., the address: Russia, Vologda area, Vologda, poshekhonskoe shosse, 20.

The building is located at the intersection of major urban highways with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic, next to the largest in the region shopping center "Marmalade",

Between the owner and McDonald's signed a long term lease (25 years) buildings and land.

Continuous rental income defined as a percentage of turnover revenue of the restaurant and is 5% of turnover.

With the increase of annual revenue occurs, the corresponding indexation of lease payments. Since the opening of the restaurant today, this indicator shows a positive trend. What is the result of professional management of your business of the lessee, and not of declining demand for its products, ensuring the stable development of the restaurant chain.

Key points of the proposal:

— the availability of reliable, creditworthy tenant in the face of large international companies

— no need to maintain the building, the site and the needs of the tenant

— long-term lease agreement,

— a guaranteed passive income, growing from period to period


— increase the amount of lease payments in 2017 in respect of 2016, was 13, 4%,

— expected growth of income from the leasing business in 2018 will be 4, 6% (13, 4% to 18%),

— return in 2017, 6% per annum, the projected 2018 7% per annum,

— income for the year 2018 is estimated at 6, 5 million rubles

— payback period 9-12 years

We propose to consider the possibility of acquiring existing rental business to the sales price of 90 million.

At Your interest we are ready to negotiate and discuss the sales price, as well as provide detailed information regarding this business.

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
90 000 000
Monthly net profit
not indicated
Monthly average turnover
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


Premise space
Four hundred forty four
Rental cost
% of turnover

Additional information

Business age
3 years
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Created on: 02.04.2018

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 90 000 000

Monthly profit: Not indicated

Monthly average turnover: 584000

Monthly average expenses: Not indicated

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Russia, Vologda Oblast, Vologda
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