Business description

We are engaged in the delivery of delicious breakfasts to hotels, hostels, conferences and business centers throughout the city. The taste of food, affordable prices and free shipping.

All our workers are cooks by profession, with experience of more than two years. So that our products has a unique taste.

We work only with reliable suppliers that supply us with the freshest ingredients with which we prepare our delicious breakfasts.

Thanks to our financial policy and affordable prices, we acquired a permanent customer base, in most areas of the city. For this reason, we deliver all the products absolutely free!

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
8 000 000
Monthly net profit
Monthly average turnover
Monthly average expenses


Quantity of employees
Premise space
Rental cost
30 000 RUB

Additional information

Business age
1, 5 years
Entity type
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Project No. 43534
Created on: 15.11.2018

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 8 000 000

Monthly profit: 290000

Monthly average turnover: 800000

Monthly average expenses: 470000

Website: http://завтрак24.рф

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Contact details of entrepreneur

Ulitin Valerii

Russia, Saint Petersburg City, Saint Petersburg
Hotel business, Food services, Food industry