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Business description

Children's entertainment center "the Corporation of the pranks" is a monopolist on a number of provided children's entertainment and services on the most expensive Russian resort of Rosa Khutor. On the area of 800 sq. m. located area for physical and intellectual development of children from 2 to 12 years:

➡ For movement: a trampoline, a climbing wall, a labyrinth, a dry swimming-pool-water Park spiral slide tube, cars, carousel

➡ For development: interactive multimedia room with 7 educational shows (such in Russia, only two!), area for the development of fine motor skills toddlers master classes, creative animators.

➡ For health and care: salt cave, cafe with children's menu, mini garden, day and night nanny-babysitter online-stream from all areas of the centre.

Parents can relax at the resort while children are supervised in the "corporate shenanigans".


1. The purchase price of 30 million for you!

2. Internal rate of return (IRR) 47%

3. Simple payback period of the investment is 25 months

4. The discounted payback period of investment 32 months (subject to 18% discount rate)

5. Net income NV = 30 761 873₽ net profit that the investor will earn over the 5 year planning horizon after the return of himself invested in the purchase money

6. Net present value NPV — 12 720 048₽

7. Profitability index (profitability) PI – discounted profitability of investments per 1 ruble of investments = 1, 439

8. Average monthly revenue = 2 384 000₽

9. Average monthly net profit — 172 1 851₽

10. The average profitability (margin) 49%

11. Total cash flow to be generated by the business at the end of the 5 year planning horizon = 59 761 873

Financial ratios

of business share ( %)
Price of business share
30 000 000
Monthly net profit
Monthly average turnover
not indicated
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


Premise space
800 sq. m

Additional information

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Project No. 47643
Created on: 18.03.2019

Sale: of business share

Share amount: %

Business price: 30 000 000

Monthly profit: 1172851

Monthly average turnover: Not indicated

Monthly average expenses: Not indicated

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Gotovyiy Biznes Elena