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Business description

Hotel for sale in the apartments.

Fully equipped apartments from economy to comfort class.
The occupancy rate from 70% to 100%.
All rooms are equipped with modern furniture, necessary appliances, TV and Internet (WiFi).
Established Laundry and food delivery.
All apartments are located within walking distance of various objects needed by guests.

Organized the provision of additional services.

All reports are recorded electronically in the program, all online, you can see at the moment, expenses, trips, settling, in General, all costs and income.
This business is developing very rapidly, in a month come summer, and this is a huge plus, because in our beautiful city come to tourists from different cities, as well as foreigners. In August will come to applicants, not places. Armor increasing day by day.
All the apartments are booked more than a month ahead!!
People call, but when we can't accept them, we have to transfer them to other hotels with whom it has established the remuneration system for the client.
Now the city has many hotels, but there is the cost for the 1st person from the 4000, both have already 7000-8000R. And our proposal is 1500-2000 and many of them come and live in families.

The price includes:
— assignment of lease rights (rent is cheap)
group in Vkontakte
smartphone + SIM card with the accumulated number
— all customer base
— the property in the room (appliances, furniture, linen and decor)
— ad accounts
— staff
service online booking of apartments
— training in business.

Business crisis, works in any time and under any conditions.

Details on the phone call.

From the first day you start to get real money!

Financial ratios

of business share ( %)
Price of business share
800 000
Monthly net profit
not indicated
Monthly average turnover
not indicated
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


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Business age
4 years
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Created on: 08.05.2019

Sale: of business share

Share amount: %

Business price: 800 000

Monthly profit: Not indicated

Monthly average turnover: Not indicated

Monthly average expenses: Not indicated

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Troitskaya Alena

Russia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Krasnoyarsk
Hotel business