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Business description

Operator of radio access to the Internet in the Samara region.

LLC «Skyline» makes official connections of subscribers using wireless broadband access technology as well as provides related services for individuals and legal entities.


Our project is aimed at providing the Internet to those localities where there is no other way to connect broadband Internet access for businesses and individuals, which eliminates competition.

This is how the company organizes:

  • Wi-Fi access POINTS-organization of collective Internet access points for visitors to cafes and restaurants, for customers in shopping centers
  • COMBINING OFFICES-combining 2 or more locations — offices, retail outlets, warehouses, and remote industrial sites.
  • Video SURVEILLANCE -organization of remote video surveillance at protected sites, warehouses and production sites

Today, the main part of the company's profit comes from the creation and use of databases and information resources. The company's activities currently involve access to services for about 230 residents of the Samara region, the organization of cloud video surveillance, but this project involves further development of the organization and expansion of the client base by providing services in the Volga Federal district

All activities of the company are carried out in accordance with the licenses of the Federal service for supervision in the field of communications and permits of the Federal state unitary enterprise „Main radio Frequency Center“. All technical characteristics of network implementation and operation meet the requirements of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation and the Territorial Administration of Roskomnadzor in the Samara region

According to some experts, the Internet service provider industry is experiencing a situation similar to the cellular service market, in which the cost of mobile communication is decreasing annually, and the cost of renting the necessary equipment is increasing. However, the Internet service provider industry has a number of objective advantages:

  1. Expandable market (a large territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the territories of Federal districts have a share of Internet coverage of about 60-70 %);
  2. Annual (2017-2019) balanced increase in the price of Internet service providers and equipment rental costs by a percentage similar to inflation in the manufacturing sector.

In connection with the above, it is worth highlighting the niche of providing Internet services in the territories of municipalities (with the exception of administrative centers of regions, republics, and so on.) promising.

The technology for providing services can be simplified as follows: places on fixed towers that „skyline“ rents and places its repeaters (base stations), transmit data via wireless broadband technology to an unlimited number of consumers via a configured Internet channel. Consumers, using configured receivers, get the opportunity to work in the area of permanent and reliable Internet coverage.

This technology has a number of advantages compared to the one used in cities (connecting subscribers via fiber-optic cables and a number of switches):

  1. There is no need for „tapping“ into old telephone lines, using communication hatches, building roofs through the use of wireless Internet access technology;
  2. There is no need to maintain a large room containing a switchboard (providing an apartment, house, and district), generators, reducing the cost of using electricity, maintaining cleanliness;
  3. Higher data transfer rate, inability to break the signal transmission lines;
  4. The high cost of fiber-optic cable, the inability to provide consumers with it even in a certain area of small and medium-sized businesses.

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
135 000 000
Monthly net profit
Monthly average turnover
Monthly average expenses


Quantity of employees
Additional information on staff

The management of the campaign of «Skyline» LLC is carried out by the General Director. His responsibilities include: solving the main issues of the organization's activities, signing official documents, managing the company's property, and hiring and firing staff. The Director is also responsible for the accuracy of the accounting data.

In the company's structure for 2021, there are 1 people: the General Director, who is the head of the legal entity.

The accounting Department is responsible for settlements with suppliers, accounting for turnover, incoming profits, expenses, payment of salaries, and preparation of accounting reports.

And 4 freelance technicians-installers who are engaged in the installation and maintenance of their assigned localities.

To connect the service in the Samara region, no additional staff is required, which significantly reduces costs compared to wired technologies. A description of the ease with which we connect subscribers anywhere in the network coverage area can be found on our website.

Wages fund
Seventy thousand
Premise space
25 sq. m
Information about Landlord

FGUP «Mail of Russia» the contract of perpetual lease with a monthly payment

Rental cost
Twenty five thousand
Additional information about premises

The premises are located at the main post office «Russia Post» in one of the districts of the Samara region.

Working hours from 8.00 to 20.00

For doing business throughout the Samara region, one room is enough where the staff is located-3 people in the same room of the Central communications center (Central communications center). On the roof of the room is located Antenna-mast structure owned by LLC «Skyline». Everything is included in the specified rent.

There are no debts.

Means of production

We work with Cambium Networks equipment in the 5 GHz frequency bands.

All equipment, including subscription equipment, is owned by Skyline LLC»

Intangible assets

Company website:

  1. License for the provision of data transmission services, excluding data transmission services for the purpose of voice information transmission No. 164810 of August 15, 2018.
  2. License for telematics communication services No. 164811 dated August 15, 2018.
  3. Permission to use radio frequencies or radio frequency channels No. 432-RFS-17-0270 dated 05.07.2017.
  4. Permission to use radio frequencies or radio frequency channels No. 626-rchs-15-0248 dated 24.09.2015.
  5. Permission to use radio frequencies or radio frequency channels No. 389-RFS-17-0368 dated 21.06.2017.
  6. Permission to use radio frequencies or radio frequency channels no. 707-RFS-19-0149 dated 04.12.2019.
  7. Permission to use radio frequencies or radio frequency channels no. 707-RFS-19-0148 dated 04.12.2019.
  8. Permission to use radio frequencies or radio frequency channels No. 169-rchs-19-0073 dated 21.03.2019.
  9. Permission to use radio frequencies or radio frequency channels no. (in the process of registration)

Indefinite contracts have been concluded for placing repeaters on the towers of following operators:

  1. MTS — including (delivery of Internet traffic)
  2. MegaFon — including (delivery of Internet traffic)
  3. Beeline — including (delivery of Internet traffic)
  4. Russian Towers (the location of the equipment)
  5. Rostelecom — (delivery of Internet traffic)

Additional information

Business age
10 years
Entity type
The limited liability company
Project No. 57671
Created on: 25.02.2020

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 135 000 000

Monthly profit: 200000

Monthly average turnover: 350000

Monthly average expenses: 150000


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Romanov Oleg

Russia, Samara Oblast, Samara oblast
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