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For sale! Good option for saving and investing money, ready-made object, at the moment the hotel with a shop and tire store, easy to convert for a chain of stores — shopping Mall, supermarket, company, offices, or arrange for tourist center! Located at the entrance to the city and is visible from all sides, easy access from all directions of the route! There are lots of options for your imagination and investment capital! Republic of Altai, Gorno-Altaysk, Biysk street, d. 36/3. Watsup 89236504444.

Financial ratios

of business share (0 %)
Price of business share
18 000 000
Monthly net profit
Monthly average turnover
Monthly average expenses


Quantity of employees
Premise space
Four hundred ninety five

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Project No. 58615
Created on: 09.04.2020

Sale: of business share

Share amount: 0 %

Business price: 18 000 000

Monthly profit: 400000

Monthly average turnover: 550000

Monthly average expenses: 30000

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Romanov Boris Gennadevich

Russia, Altai Republic, Gorno-Altaysk
Hotel business