The production of goods for animals

Business description

Short description

Production and wholesale of pet products to all regions of Russia.

The company offers a wide range of beds, carrier bags, cages, play complexes, knitwear and treats for Pets, as well as products for gardeners and home goods.

The land plot and production premises are owned.

Legal form:



20 years

Total number of employees:

70 people.

Financial picture


$ 3500000 USD

Revenue / month:

RUB 10, 000, 000

Profit / month:

RUB 2, 000, 000


Land plot with a total area of 395 sq. m. owned. 3-stores building with a basement with a total area of 1200 sq. m. in the property. Office and household premises, production workshops. Access roads have been built, and a loading and unloading area has been equipped. There are all necessary communications: hot water and HVAC, Sewerage, electricity, telephony, Internet.

Means of production

Production, sewing, Smoking and drying shops, office, equipped with everything necessary for work. The available equipment allows you to carry out a full production cycle: from primary processing of raw materials, to packaging and warehousing of finished products. Two on-Board Gazelle cars of 2018 for intra-city transportation. Website, phone numbers for advertising.

Certificates, licenses, permissions

Certificates and all necessary documentation for manufactured products are available.


The staff consists of experienced workers and tailors, managers ' Department, accounting Department. Everyone will continue working with the new owner.

What the Buyer gets

— Profitable production and wholesale company, which is in the TOP 3 of the market;

— Land, building, equipment, well-established scheme of work, professional team;

— Current customer base: supply agreements with the largest Russian wholesale companies and well-known online stores;

— Contacts of suppliers of raw materials on favorable terms;

Registered trademark;

— Accounts receivable for an average of 20 million rubles;

— Commodity balances and raw materials for an average of 20 million rubles;

— High profitability, excellent prospects for further development;

— growing revenue in terms of import substitution.

Additional information

The seller will provide the buyer with a full-fledged entry into the business and complete transfer of cases, as well as post-sale support for a period agreed by the parties. The transaction cost is 3700000 us dollars.

With a real buyer, a constructive dialogue on the cost is discussed, various sales schemes are discussed.

Financial ratios

100% share of business
Business price
3 500 000
Monthly net profit
Monthly average turnover
Monthly average expenses


Quantity of employees
Wages fund
Two million five hundred thousand
Premise space
One thousand four hundred
Additional information about premises

The price includes a building of 1400 sq m

Intangible assets

very good and comfortable business without problems. Since the animals do not complain because there is no communication with customers and therefore saved nerves and health. It's a phrase from a textbook on business.

Additional information

Business age
20 years
Entity type
Project No. 58897
Created on: 24.04.2020

Sale: 100% share of business

Business price: 3 500 000

Monthly profit: -2000000

Monthly average turnover: 10000000

Monthly average expenses: 8000000


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Contact details of entrepreneur

Marchenko Aleksandr Nikolaevich

Russia, Saint Petersburg City, St. Petersburg
Animals/goods for animals, Industry