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— The basic direction — manufacture and sale of products from natural ingredients with freeze-dried berries. Bars and cookies. Products with no added sugar, gluten, GMO, sweeteners, flavors.

— Basic sales channels: Azbuka Vkusa, GIPERGLOBUS, Wildberries,, Ozone, and HoReCa.

— Signed direct agreements with several regional networks.

— 2020 is the current distributor for Europe.

— Brand with a unique design perfectly suited to expand existing companies who have the supplies in the Intersection, Bahetle, Metro, Tape, Auchan, gas stations, and will horaku, and who have established supply in regional network and export.

— In the presence of 8 sku. 6 sku in the sku bars and 2 cookies.

— The marginality of products allows you to give a discount and networking -40% to conduct promotions.

Performance 1 change to 10 thousand pieces.

Financial ratios

of business share ( %)
Price of business share
3 900 000
Monthly net profit
not indicated
Monthly average turnover
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


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Accounting, marketing, lawyer, social networking and content work on remote (IP)

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1, 5
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Created on: 01.07.2020

Sale: of business share

Share amount: %

Business price: 3 900 000

Monthly profit: Not indicated

Monthly average turnover: 228000

Monthly average expenses: Not indicated


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Russia, Moscow Oblast, Konstantinovo
Food industry