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Welcome, potential investors and future partners!

Our Company has for many years engaged in the rental and leasing of equipment. Accumulated many years of experience investing in profitable projects. We work with large and promising organization, holdings.

Currently, the attracted investments for scaling — opening offices in other cities. Already represented in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Rostov-on-don. In these cities steadily grow and develop. Our company purchases of refrigeration and technological equipment for renting and leasing both large and small businesses and organizations. We confidently went through a period of self-isolation and a pandemic, and not only suffered, but expanded its borders (opened in St. Petersburg in June 2020.) Looking for an investor for opening new offices and expanding existing ones.

Our advantages:

— tested for years, a steadily-growing business (each year increase), the increase in fin. indicators and assets;

— ranked first among competitors (smart pricing, unique product offering has no analogues in the Russian market, flexibility and ability to meet customer needs, etc.);

— high capital turnover (6-8 months)

a close — knit team established business processes, the desire of all employees to build a large holding company in their area;

the ideal business and credit reputation;

— the company's activity is ensured by the existing assets (equipment), respectively, of the fin. risks are minimal;

— high profit margin (100-300%)


Form of participation: investment without involvement and participation in management (depends on the willingness of investors and amount of investment);

— investment size from 1 million to 50 million, R. R.;

— the amount of profit of 15% per annum in the case of a loan or dividend in proportion to the participation;

— legal support of transactions;

— delivery: loan, investment, loan, share purchase.

— forms of security: pledge, personal guarantee.

Will provide all necessary documents to confirm the solvency and business reputation of our organization. Not a startup, operating Company! Waiting for your suggestions!!!

Financial ratios

of business share (20 %)
Price of business share
3 000 000
Monthly net profit
Monthly average turnover
Monthly average expenses


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Project No. 60386
Created on: 28.07.2020

Sale: of business share

Share amount: 20 %

Business price: 3 000 000

Monthly profit: 500000

Monthly average turnover: 3000000

Monthly average expenses: 1000000

Website: холодврн.рф

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Polenov Vladislav

Russia, Moscow, Moscow
Trade, Services