The existing plant of drinking water and vending equipment in the Crimea is for sale.

Business description

The organizational and legal form is a complex of economic entities, including a limited liability company and two individual entrepreneurs.

The production was organized in 1998.

The main activity is the extraction and production of artesian drinking water of the first quality category, the production and operation of vending machines for bottling drinking water.

Taxation system - USN, Patent taxation system.

The method of sale is the sale of 100% of the shares of the LLC Participants and 100% of the IP property complexes. The costs of evaluation (if necessary), audit and re-registration of property rights are paid by the Buyer in full.

All documents comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

All real estate is the property of the company.

Land - registration of the lease agreement is at the final stage. During 2021, it is expected to complete all processes with the potential to purchase land or sign a contract for a long-term lease of land. State acts on the right of permanent use in the legal field of Ukraine are available.

The property complex of the enterprise consists of:

1) Own certified water intake on a land plot of 0, 2464 hectares, including two wells (one of which is a reserve); A license of the Russian Federation for mining (the current license is until June 2021, the process of obtaining a new license has been launched, obstacles to obtaining a new license for 10 years - until the end of the reserves calculation period - are not expected). The current debit of the well is 86 cubic meters/day – 31390 cubic meters/year.

2) Production area of 0.47 hectares with an area of production and office premises of more than 5.2 thousand sq.m. including :

- production workshops with technological equipment for water purification and bottling (packing nomenclature: 19L);

- accredited chemical and bacteriological laboratory for quality control of drinking water;

- storage facilities.

- office premises.

- premises not used in production and leased to third parties;

- wholesale and retail store.

- garage (auto repair shop);

- solid fuel boiler house;

3) Own car park in the amount of 25 vehicles, including 5 semi-trailers-tankers (24-33 cubic meters).

4) Well-established technology of manufacturing devices for the sale of drinking water (TU, TI), a dispatching system and retail sale of drinking water through a vending system.

A well-promoted and recognizable brand with a positive reputation.

Qualified and trained staff. Total: about 75 people.

The established own (without intermediaries) sales system of finished products, including about 210 operating automated points of sale of drinking water. Additionally, about 10 vending machines are potentially ready for operation. It is planned to launch a new series with increased characteristics. Vending machines are fully autonomous, there is a patent for an invention, contracts for the placement of NTO with the city have been signed and are valid.

5) Dispatching system for the delivery of water to customers in containers;

  1. There are no overdue accounts receivable and accounts payable. The total volume of current external accounts receivable and accounts payable is minimal. There are no loans from banking institutions and other legal entities and individuals. Dividends on LLC are paid regularly.

The aggregate list of the company's assets is in Appendix No. 1.


The company has a unique development and growth potential for the market.

Its own water intake guarantees the constant availability of raw water, which, according to its chemical and bacteriological indicators, is stable and safe initially. Availability of the possibility of increasing the debit of wells. The design of all sanitary zones of the well site has been completed.

Technologically advanced autonomous vending machines have already won the recognition of the city's population as convenient sources of natural drinking water of the highest quality category in the immediate vicinity of the house. Currently, there is an active development of horticultural cooperatives throughout the city of Sevastopol, the potential of the residential area allows the installation of all unused vending machines.

It is expected to complete the placement of all available devices located on the territory of the enterprise during 2021. In 2022, it is planned to manufacture a new batch of vending machines with improved characteristics. The personnel potential allows resuming the production of vending machines potentially with a larger capacity for finished products and with greater energy equipment.

The availability of free production and office space makes it possible to create and develop own production, in fact, of any orientation. Currently, almost all premises that are free from the main activity are under lease, which provides additional income without the cost part. All contracts with tenants are concluded for up to a year, with the possibility of termination at the initiative of the landlord within 30 calendar days, which allows you to release the necessary area from under the tenant in a short time and use it for your own purposes.

The presence of its own chemical and bacteriological laboratory for quality control of drinking water allows you not to depend on the delivery of tests for state control, which significantly optimizes the expenditure part, and also allows you to really control the chemical and bacteriological parameters of raw water and finished products at all stages of its production and sale. There is a possibility of expanding the chemical and bacteriological laboratory to perform a wide range of samples and analyses in various directions, including to expand its throughput.

There is a possibility of developing the sale of packaged finished products in other cities of the Crimea. Currently, the company's products are shipped to Yevpatoria, Krasnoperekopsk, Simferopol and Saki.

The company is autonomous, capable of providing its own maintenance and development in full.

Financial ratios

of business share ( %)
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300 000 000
Monthly net profit
Monthly average turnover
not indicated
Monthly average expenses
not indicated


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