Business description

A manufacturing and trading company sells its products
through Wildberries and Ozon marketplaces. We go to Yandex
The business consists of several parts: 1. Production of products (condensed milk: coconut, mango,

poppy, pineapple; syrups, spices, salt, peanut paste
and coconut);
2. Resale of products (sugar-free confiture, water
mineral water, sugar-free energy drinks, etc.)
Advantages of buying this company: 1. Intangible Assets: LC on Wildberries with sales of 40

000 + , 2200 + reviews, 4, 2 points; LC on Ozon 1500 +
subscribers, rating 4, 5 points, 9799 + reviews. Products
such companies are given marketplaces on the first lists. This
you can't buy it anywhere.
2. Confident start of business — for the first year of operation in 2021
the company's turnover amounted to over 20 million rubles, and net
profit 4, 6 million rubles.
3. The company closes a niche with its products, some of which
which have no analogues on the market. These products have
the trend of increasing demand in connection with the development of healthy lifestyle.
4. The marketplaces themselves are engaged in the sale of products, which
relieves the headache of any business owner.
5. The production is located in St. Petersburg, but at
if desired, it can be moved to any other city where it is convenient
will be the new owner.
6. All activities are conducted in white.
7. You get a ready-made business with very strong
intangible assets.
8. Ready to consult for 1 month, and also ready to work for
a new business owner.
Pricing of the company: 2 million — intangible assets

5, 7 million — the business itself (the price includes the inventory balances for 1
million rubles, if there are more or less of them, the price
7, 7 million rubles.
It is possible to purchase without production, if it is necessary
move to another city. It will be cheaper by 0.7 million.
I will tell you how to open a new production.
A small bargain with a quick buyer! Contact me, I will send you links to the company's pages on

marketplaces, so that you can be sure of success

Financial ratios

of business share ( %)
Price of business share
7 700 000
Monthly net profit
Monthly average turnover
Monthly average expenses


Quantity of employees
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Intangible assets

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Created on: 02.09.2022

Sale: of business share

Share amount: %

Business price: 7 700 000

Monthly profit: 350000

Monthly average turnover: 1500000

Monthly average expenses: 1150000

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Bayramov Vidadi

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