Network hospitals treat all types of dependencies and psihonevrologicheskij Zab-iy RA-Kurs

About franchise

Key indicators

The name of the franchise. The network of clinics the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of all types of addictions and neuropsychiatric diseases by the method of RA-the Course on the basis of automated computer hardware-software complex of RA-Kurs

Short medical deductible RA Course

Monthly income 350 000 – 1200 000 rubles

Period of start of business from the decision point from 30 to 90 days

Lump-sum payment 2 850 000 rubles

Discount on lump sum payment up to 20% depending on the region and forms of payment

Total investment (initial investment + prelaunch investment) up to 4 000 000 rubles

The payback period to 10 months

Royalty – 39 000 rubles per month, of the 11th month after the start of the business

The company offers an unprecedented RA on the franchise market conditions. The first 6 months since the start of the business partner does not pay royalties, but rather monthly receives from the franchisor of payments for advertising, and in excess of the subsequent royalties.

The offer of franchising

. Expanding the network of its medical centres and invites new partners to participate in the development of the network program Global development network of clinics for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all kinds of addiction and neuropsychiatric diseases by the method of RA-Kurs

The moral justification of the case, the scientific validity of the technology used, high professional efficiency of the used method and the economic profitability of the business (up to 700%), low competition in the segment and the broadest prospects of development, make our proposal unique.

According to the results of the National contest "the Best private clinics of Russia-2015", conducted by the research Institute STATEKSPERT, medical centers, network of clinics of RA Course related to the best private clinics of Russia

The main elements of the proposed us franchise are:

1. Automated computer hardware-software complex “RA-Kurs” that automate the work, which allows not to put forward increased requirements to qualification of personnel.

The installation of a correct diagnosis, prediction of outcomes, design systems procedures, hardware influences the selection and development of schemes of reception of medicines, determining the number of treatment sessions and total duration of treatment, and duration of follow-up necessary to achieve the guaranteed stable effect provides a computer program “RA-Kurs”.

2. The training complex “RA-Kurs” is a specialist of “RA” on the territory of the partner.

3. All necessary technologies for a successful start and business:

o registration of the company the form of ownership and title to a form of taxation;

o the Search space, bringing it into line with the regulations, the equipment of the premises;

o Search and selection of personnel;

o Legalization of business;

o conducting the advertising campaign;

o follow-up maintenance, development and expansion of business.

Special skills and knowledge from the organizer of the business is not required.

4. Website creation partner.

5. The creation of partner pages on the corporate website of the company “RA”

6. The presence of the partner company on the corporate website Network of medical centres of RA-Kurs

7. Maintenance and constant updating of computer programs with the expansion of spectrum of rendered services at least once a year.

8. Centralized advertising, brand promotion RA Course. Direct referral of patients from the region of the partner to the appropriate medical center

9. Providing exclusive rights of the partner to use the method, brand and complex “RA-Kurs” in the region of doing business.

10. Regular training, certification and staff development of the regional clinics as update computer software.

11. Advice and support for medical technologies, devices and drugs, advice on management of complex patients, management and business optimization.

12. Underlying the method “RA-Kurs” of the invention “Method of treatment of alcoholism and/or Smoking” and “Method of treatment and diagnosis of various forms of addictive behavior” is protected by patents of the Russian Federation, as well as two patents abroad. With each partner, signed a Contract on copyright (patents and trademarks) in the territory of the region.

The activity and interest of our company lies not in the banal sale of franchises and the creation of a monolithic successful network of clinics with continuity, mutual and centralized advertising support and strong competitiveness.

With proper organization and conduct of work of each of our partners may claim leadership on the market of such services in the region, and the method is in Russia, and method – in the Eurasian region as a whole.

Discounts from the amount of the lump sum to 20%.

The delay in payment of royalties from the 11 months since the start of the business partner with the provision of the franchising package in full.

The benefits of franchising

  • high rates of return.

Even when minimum downloading clinic – 1 primary applied patient a day – monthly profit is more than 300 thousand rubles. A normal work is 2 – 3 initial application on the day

  • to return to profitability is sufficient to have patients, only 20% of the maximum capacity of the clinic.
  • Monthly income can exceed 50% of the investment.
  • from the organizer of the business does not require any special knowledge and experience
  • each partner is provided with the exclusive rights to the use of the method of the brand and computer program RA Course in the region of doing business.
  • 100% exclusive. The deductible is protected and legalized two Russian patents, the Eurasian patent, brand registration and computer programs RA-Rate Federal intellectual property service of the Russian Federation.
  • centralized advertising service
  • efficient and centralized marketing program based on a network under one brand
  • all patients from Your area sent in Your clinic
  • centralized Internet promotion of Your business
  • mutual advertising affiliate clinics within the network
  • absolute transparency of the work. All of our partners in the open access on our sites
  • deferred royalty payments from 11 months after launch.
  • the unprecedented market conditions of the franchise. The first 6 months after starting partner not only does not pay royalties, but, on the contrary, receives from the franchisor the monthly payments on advertising
  • high level of professionalism. The results of the national contest of the clinic network RA-Rate is related to best private clinics in Russia.

· the lack of high competition in the field of integrated systems for the treatment of alcoholism and other common dependencies

· program for treatment of addictions (alcoholism) from "RA-Kurs" is several times cheaper services from competitors

· clinic of competitors do not offer reciprocal advertising partners within the network

· competitors do not provide guarantees

· the competition there is no program of prevention

  • Almost zero competition treatment such as gambling, food, Internet addiction, substance abuse, anorexia.
  • business is stable to adverse changes in the economy: in times of crisis the demand for our services will only increase.
  • Supervisory structure is favourable towards the business.
  • The social orientation of the project coincides with the interests of the state and problems of economic development and implementation of innovative technologies in small business.

· Special special offer with a considerable additional net profit to the first partner in the CIS countries, East Europe and some regions of Russia, Far East, far North and Southern Regions (except Krasnodar Krai)

The advantages of the method of RA-Kurs

· An integrated and systematic approach to treatment maximizes efficiency and allows you to talk about guarantees a successful outcome on the patient

· The absence of any impact on the psyche and associated personal changes during and after treatment complex method “RA-Kurs”.

· In many cases fails to protect the patient from alcohol in the future. That is, in most cases after a full course of treatment for alcohol addiction and subsequent rehabilitation by this method, the patient formed a normal reaction to alcohol. (

· Hardware-software complex of the RA-the Course can also be treatment of a wide range of somatic and psychological disease, which generates significant additional income not taken into account in the calculation of profits and return of this franchise.

· Full automation the use of automated computer hardware-software complex “RA-Kurs” minimizes the requirements for qualification staff.

Information about company

The RA company operates on the market of Russia, CIS and Europe since 2004. The main activities of the company are:

· Involvement of scientific and economic potential for the creation of advanced therapeutic technologies relating to the most pressing issues in medicine and health

· Development and implementation of advanced technologies in medicine and rehabilitation

· Development of schemes for the successful launch and management of the medical business

· Implementation of innovations, allowing to avoid competition on the market of medical services

· The entire volume of consulting services for medical centers with all the necessary calculations and documentation.

· The entire volume of consulting services for the introduction of new technologies and the success of the medical business

· Provision of modern medical equipment

Start of activities in the field of franchising, the company will relate to 2012, when he completed the development of a method of treatment of various forms of addictions, conditions and diseases “RA-Kurs”. ( Before, the preceding method of treating alcohol and nicotine addictions for more than 15 years (patent 2000) worked, improved and developed only in the framework of the company “RA”.

Now the franchise “RA-Kurs” has 16 franchised outlets. Dissemination of the method “RA-Kurs” in the regions is extremely limited in order to maintain its exclusivity and protecting partners from competition. Each partner is provided with the exclusive rights to the use of the method of the brand and computer program RA Course in the region of doing business.

The company's products RA is focused primarily on commercial medical structures, and entrepreneurs who intend to start a medical business from scratch

Our software developers, doctors, scientists, programmers – are located throughout Russia. We cooperate with the best specialists in their fields.

We offer the most proven in the professional, financial and terms of image directions

On the activities of the company of RA page

Detailed information about the franchise

+ 7 (812) 3097637

+ 79823890738

VIP package

The amount of investments: 5 850 000

Lump sum: 5 850 000

Payback: 10 month.

Package description

Details configuration page This package provides for the creation of partner business and it to run. In connection with the resumption of work on the method of RA-in the Course of its further improvement and expansion of spectrum of rendered services, as well as increasing the cost of equipment automated computer hardware-software complex of the RA Rate RA company begins a phased increase in the cost of the franchise. The first stage is the rising cost of VIP package until 7 900 000 rubles from 1 June 2017.

The optimal configuration

The amount of investments: 4000000

Lump sum: 2850000

Payback: 10 month.

Package description

This package applies all the information about the RA franchise-the Course at this portal and also in the presentation and on the page of the franchise offer of our company Details about the options on the page

Minimal equipment

The amount of investments: 2400000

Lump sum: 1450000

Payback: 5 month.

Package description

Details on the page

Minimal equipment

The amount of investments: 1450000

Lump sum: 1450000

Payback: 4 month.

Package description

Offer for employees of medical institutions. Details on the page

The optimal configuration

The amount of investments: 4000000

Lump sum: 2850000

Payback: 10 month.

Package description

The details of the configuration package on page this package includes all commercial proposals for the franchise, including posted on this portal. A flexible approach to the timing of royalty payments — after the full cost of the project.

VIP package

The amount of investments: 9000000

Lump sum: 7900000

Payback: 14 month.

Package description

Details configuration page a Flexible approach to start of term royalty payments — after the full cost of the project

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
2 850 000
Payback, month.
10 month.
45 000

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