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Coworking is a platform where customers rent jobs. This business is very highly developed in Europe. Major players of the Russian market, such as "Sberbank", "Beeline", "Tashir group" is already implementing projects of this size. It is worth mentioning thatoworking is a rental business with a long historyand, consequently, one of the most stable and profitable in Russia. The main profit coworking gets from putting jobs in the rent. The business model is very simple and efficient: You, as the owner of rental business, get profits from the difference in the rent you pay yourself, and who receive from their tenants.

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
490 000
Payback, month.
3 month.
45 000

Additional information

Franchise year of establishment
Franchise year of startup
Franchise companies
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Franchise No. 39637
Created on: 27.07.2018

The category of franchise:
Franchise in the sphere of services

The amount of investments: 980 000

Lump sum: 490 000

Payback, month.: 3 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2012

Franchise year of startup: 2012

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Kalashnikov Maksim Gennadevich