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The company, which will be discussed, is called "Taxphone – the people's taxi". It is not difficult to guess from the title, the main activity of the company related with the taxi business. It is an innovative mobile app that combines the idea of a taxi and associated long-distance transportation. One of the features of the project is that we gain the franchise and at the same time shares in the company. This gives a 100% guarantee of income of those people who can not or do not want to build a structure. Now the dynamics of the development of this app exceeds all expectations. Apparently affected by the fact that this offer is interesting for different population groups, NetWorker, taxi drivers, investors, and of course ordinary users. App Taxphone able to turn the understanding of the taxi business and according to analysts to get up to 80% of this market for yourself. We're going to get their interest in accordance with the invested forces and means.

Mobile app Taxphone combines the idea of a regular taxi, and the idea of associated transport Bla Bla Car. This is already a working application with which you can ALREADY receive and make orders taxi. The first few months it will work absolutely for free.The official start of the company is scheduled for autumn 2017. That's when everybody buys a franchise and a stake in the company, you will start to receive a steady income from service payments each driver using this application.And that's just in this very limited time, we have a fantastic opportunity to establish yourself with this offers a powerful passive income. There are benefits to everything. Those who now earns Taksa, those who are passengers and of course those who see the future today and create your own taxi company at the price of the smartphone.

Franchise offered by the company

11000, 44000, 88000 rubles.

Let's find out how you can earn in "Taxphone – the people's taxi" now, until there is 1 stage. Let me remind you that "Taxphone – the people's taxi" is an international consumer co-operative. And for quick entry into the market, the company took as a basis the tactics of MLM network business. Product at this stage is its share. And in order to attract the maximum number of stakeholders it was decided the sale of 20% of the company. The 20% was divided into 1 000 000 shares. After all the shares are sold, to buy a franchise of the company and become its partner, it will be IMPOSSIBLE!There are three choices of deductibles. They differ in price, number of purchased shares and the income opportunity at the 2nd stage (more on this later). For the recommendation to purchase the franchise company rewards its partners. On the 1st stage works binary marketing plan.

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
Payback, month.
3 month.

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Franchise year of establishment
Franchise year of startup
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Franchise No. 39641
Created on: 27.07.2018

The category of franchise:
Franchise in the sphere of services

The amount of investments: 88 000

Lump sum: 500

Payback, month.: 3 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2016

Franchise year of startup: 2016

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Norakh Anton Vladimirovich