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The franchise of the robotics club and design ", CHARABOT" model of successful business, ready for rapid launch.

You will receive detailed instructions and work standards for the opening and management of a private club, as well as educational programs, methodological cards for classes. Assistance in the selection of staff recruitment and training. Full marketing support & customized advertising channels. Legal support.

For several years we have created a successful system of attracting new clients, have tried various ways of cooperation with schools, kindergartens and children's clubs similar direction in the system of cross-attraction of clients. Collected data about all of our clients in the correct accounting system CRM in order not to loose any potential and existing customer. Has developed its own training program and prepared them in a convenient format for training. We also built a strong team of teachers, trainers and administrative staff. Describe all business processes and interactions into an understandable system and prepared it for our future partners.

Our financial planning takes into account the seasonality of the business of preschool education and is structured in such a way that the holidays, especially the summer, was not a failure for the Club.

What kind of package you get:

1. Together calculate the financial model of a new club according to the realities of your city.

2. Will open the club in your city: find the best room, make quality repairs and will supply necessary furniture and equipment for classes, provide the equipment the Lego Education with discount up to 15% from the official distributor in Russia.

3. Train all business processes.

4. Execute and set social network. Start an advertising campaign and attract customers to your new club.

5. Provide we have developed the educational program with thematic planning and routings for each lesson.

6. Together hire and train teachers and staff as is necessary.

7. Provide comfortable and functional accounting system to new and existing customers (CRM) and train the work.

8. Will provide full legal support to our partners and continuous training.

It is important that education has reached a new level, to the quality of services has improved, but the owners get a decent profit and pleasure from the business.

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
350 000
Payback, month.
250 000 month.

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Franchise year of establishment
Franchise year of startup
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Franchise No. 39660
Created on: 26.06.2018

The category of franchise:
Children's franchise

The amount of investments: 950 000

Lump sum: 350 000

Payback, month.: 250 000 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2016

Franchise year of startup: 2016

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Kozhevnikov Valeriy