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About franchise

Shop good is a franchise of the Islands for the sale of sweets and toys.


We are confident that all open us stores bring a good income, so You pay no money until the store begins to generate profits!

-Within 6 months of the store brings in at least 300,000 rubles net, we buy it from You for 30 days.
-Terms of investment return prescribed in the contract

-Business 2012.
-21 shop is open on all 17.09.18 and make a profit from 80,000 rubles/month. clean
Addresses of our stores:
Naberezhnye Chelny, prospect Mira, 3, shopping center Shopping area
g. Tula, Proletarskaya 2, TC Maxi
Samara, ul Dybenko, 30, TC Spaceport
Samara, South highway 5, shopping center Ambar
Ivanteevka, Soviet Ave., 2A, shopping center Gagarin
Moscow, Yartsevskaya street 19, TC Kuntsevo Plaza
the city of Kaluga, Moskovskaya St. 338А, Mall Shopping district
Ufa, ul. Parkhomenko, 156, TC Yay
Chelyabinsk, street Voroskie 6, TC Ural
Chelyabinsk, kopeyskoye highway street 64, shopping Mall Diamond
Cheboksary, K. Marx street, 47, shopping center Central Department store

Looking for a representative of the franchise Shop of good in all Russian cities with a population of over 90,000 people.

-Send an application now with a note, we will send a video presentation of our stores and financial model.

Financial performance:
Attachments: 150.000 — 200.000 rubles(rent, showcase, product)
-Net profit from 80,000 rubles from the first month of opening.

Send your email right now we will send the sales reports and videos how our sellers.

-Payback period: 3 months.
-Turnover 340.000-380.000 RUB. per month
-Hire 40,000 rubles. per month
-Z. p. sellers 75.900 RUB. per month
-Purchase of goods 60,000 RUB per month
-Other expenses (includes Free samples for promotional printed materials, posting of vacancies, payment of the Internet for IP camera to monitor staff) 6,000 rubles. per month
-Profit from 80,000 rubles per month

-Send your mail now marked "financial model", we will send a detailed financial model.

90% of the range is the most popular sweets that are in demand based on commodity matrices derived in 5 years of company work Shop good.

Franchise Store of good works only with the most reliable Russian and foreign suppliers:

Rot Front, Ferrero, Red October, Siberian candy, Lenko, Lulu toys, My lovely zoo.

The format of the shops: the island in the Mall. Products are sold in the format of all for 50 roubles, all for 100 rubles, all for 150 rubles, all for 250 rubles.

-Train all business process owners, managers, sellers.
-Will give a customized e-accounting for all finances and processes.

-Call now, we will send a business plan, presentation, sales reports and tell you where you can see the nearest shop frnachise Shop good.

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
300 000
Payback, month.
5 month.

Additional information

Franchise year of establishment
Franchise year of startup
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Franchise No. 41918
Created on: 04.10.2018

The category of franchise:
Children's franchise

The amount of investments: 200 000

Lump sum: 300 000

Payback, month.: 5 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2012

Franchise year of startup:

Franchise companies Eighteen


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Efremov Lev Valerevich