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The main long-term trends around the world – ecology, simplicity and new experiences. That's why people are willing to pay money.

The concept of Mr. Florister is fully consistent with these trends: interiors using natural wood, our florists know how to work with all natural materials, and a variety of master classes give everyone the opportunity to find something for everyone.


Cut flowers (bouquets and arrangements)

Raise 50% of the proceeds

Primary competitive advantages:

  • Highly qualified florists and on-going training on the flagship store (online and field)
  • Using only natural materials
  • Centralised development of new products for all the stores

Plants (composition and mashup)

Bring up to 30% of revenue

Primary competitive advantages:

  • Choice. Featuring every flower shop opened franchise Mr. Florister, more than 400 kinds of potted plants that can be delivered to the store in 2 days, regardless of region
  • Prices. Direct deliveries from the Netherlands give us the opportunity to offer your customers the best price
  • Creativity. Your composition of the flowers will be unique and popular

Master classes (for adults and children from 7 years)

Bring up to 20% of the proceeds

Primary competitive advantages:

  • This no one
  • Parents are willing to invest in the education and entertainment of children, even when something else they may lack
  • All master classes are developed and are tested in the flagship flower shop and only the best are sent to the stores that are open for franchise Mr. Florister

Master classes for children – the best advertising is "word of mouth"!

Design for weddings and banquets

Additional income, which can be given to each franchisee

Primary competitive advantages:

  • Every flower shop franchise Mr. Florister can arrange a wedding in any style and of any complexity. If your florist something is not able, he will always help our lead florist
  • Our franchisees can fulfill even the bulk order, because if necessary, we centrally will select a team and purchase all necessary flowers for wedding or Banquet

Most importantly, the centralized supply. You will not run around looking for the right product.

It would seem that in this special? But the flower market professionals know that the supplier depends very much and find a good supplier is as difficult as to win the main prize in the lottery.

Our supplier — the company of Nicotina, which, together with flower shops Mr. Florister belongs to the same group of companies. It is this — the guarantee of low prices and unique product range, which can not boast of our competitors. To use our services, flowers from all over the world, sold at the largest Dutch flower auction Flora Holland. For our franchised stores are purchased the most popular items at the most competitive prices, which are not on sale.

Good business necessarily like its owner, it is beautiful and environmentally friendly. But most importantly – the business is profitable.

In retail trade, the main indicator is the revenue.

Mr. Florister seeks to increase revenue at the expense of the main thing: the love of their buyers, who buy become permanent and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.

The performance of our flagship workshop:

  • The average frequency of purchases per customer: 3 times a month.
  • The conversion rate of the shop visitor into a buyer higher than the market average: 20%
  • Positive feedback buyers: 100%
  • The level of customer satisfaction: 98%

These figures attainable by all partners through the following core principles:

  • Unique format
  • The personal participation of the Director
  • The standards of work. It is not necessary to invent anything. Store design, accounting software, cash register software.
  • Full support of opening our staff. From application to start of sales.
  • Training of the owner (Director)
  • Staff training
  • A single supplier and an automated system to order flowers and related products
  • Centralised marketing
  • Internet sales

Open your FLOWER SHOP franchise MR. FLORISTER and earn 150 thousand rubles a month for beautiful, eco-friendly and prestigious business that is always relevant and in demand.

We give you the opportunity, business model and processes are streamlined.


The amount of investments: 600000

Lump sum: 200000

Payback: 130000 month.

Package description

This package is designed for the traffic of 1,800 per day (the Number of people who passed by the store)And floor area: 35-45 sq. m.


The amount of investments: 500000

Lump sum: 200000

Payback: 70000 month.

Package description

This package is designed for traffic 1200 people a day (the Number of people who passed by the store)And the room area: 20-25 sqm.


The amount of investments: 700000

Lump sum: 200000

Payback: 150000 month.

Package description

This package is designed for the traffic of 2,000 people per day (the Number of people who passed by the store)And floor area: 50 sqm

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