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About the brandGoldexspreS:

GoldexpreS is a subsidiary brand of jewelry production "Eva Gold" ( and jewelry school "Carat" (

The company "Eva Gold", showing resilience to economic crises, stably works in the Russian jewelry market of goods and services for more than 15 years. Jewelry of the brand "Eva Gold" in demand in 37 cities of the country.

School "Carat" in the field of professional training of goldsmiths is unique in the country. One aspect of school – learning the basics of jewelry the deaf and hearing-impaired people.

About franchise GoldexpreS:

Atelier GoldexpreSa novelty on the market of services for rapid repair of gold and silver ornaments and jewelry by laser welding. In the Studio finishing works of any complexity: insertion of precious stones, restoration products, washing, cleaning.

As a result of successful work we offer a franchise for the organization of such an Atelier in the area of 4 sq m with revenues ranging from 200 Tr per month. and 2 million rubles/ year with no prior experience as a jeweler.

Details of the project:

— A place for the Atelier is located in the largest shopping centers not to exceed 4 sq. m.

— Work is carried out on the imported equipment (including used Orion150s is a unique American unit of the contact-arc welding, allowing to fix easily-fused metals with the point of spot is 0, 1mm).

— Does not use harmful and require a liquid solution and chemical reagents.

— Staff training in the basics of jewelry making, business and marketing is done in tech. 2 months. on the basis of the jewelry school "Carat". Employees like training in the Studio of a basic brand GoldexpreS and start to work fully prepared.

The cost of the franchise includes:

Instructions for opening business and step-by-step routing that takes into account all possible types of repair-tech works.

Samples of basic legal documents and contracts.

— Preparation and training of specialists. Staff training (residential).

American staff contact-arc welding Orion150s.

— Equipped Studio space with a workbench, necessary tools and equipment.

— Ensuring raw materials and consumables (certified stones of all kinds, gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass filler materials of different diameters and sizes, fillers, abrasives, drills).

— Support the project in all phases (consultation via phone, Skype or other communication means).

— Advice on advertising support.

— Providing analytical and statistical data project based on practical experience of the acting Studio.

The feasibility of the project

Large shopping centers are characterized by high pedestrian traffic. Home life, markets, fairs outdoors thing of the past. Opening Atelier GoldexspreS in the major shopping centers, we are able to expand the circle of customers due to the huge foot traffic shopping center.

— Analyzing traditional market of jewelry repair services, restoration of jewelry, we concluded that competition with a Studio of this type is missing. The set of services in a traditional Atelier is limited, often reduced to changing batteries and straps in watches. The modern visitor wants more!

— Not everyone has the necessary resources to open a Studio. Jewelry school "Carat" and internships on the basis of jewelry production "Eva Gold" to prepare the staff. In the absence of trained personnel to organize the stable operation of the company is not possible.

Conservative psychology jewelers of the old school does not allow them to compete. Obstacles are the divisions, the mentality of slow services, lack of strategic vision, skills, modern marketing, and more.

— The school "Carat" we train specialists in advanced age 20-27 years. Practicing specialists in the provision of services within the stipulated time ensure well-drafted legal agreement (within a franchise samples attached). Practice shows that professionals who have worked in this profession for about 3 years, has not change their occupation.

— Opening of the Atelier caters to the needs of modern jewelry features a large modern city.


The population of Saratov — 850 thousand inhabitants.

The average salary in the region of 15 Tr

The shopping center TAU Gallery is located in the residential area of the city.

Against this background, the profitability of the Studio as follows:

Costs (in thous.)

Revenues (in thous.)

Rental of space for the Atelier

4 sq. m


C/o Board of two members

25 thousand rubles. x 2



(depending on customer demand)


The advertising campaign (carried out on a creative basis)


The total cost


The yield on the services (no selling)


The monthly profit (not sales) – 65 thousand.

  1. We will educate the franchisee of the basics of management and staff — skills, jewelry production, as well as the work of the contact-arc welding of Orion.

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
250 000
Payback, month.
12 month.

Additional information

Franchise year of establishment
Franchise year of startup
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Franchise No. 45118
Created on: 30.12.2018

The category of franchise:
Franchise in the sphere of services

The amount of investments: 1 650 000

Lump sum: 250 000

Payback, month.: 12 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2003

Franchise year of startup: 2017

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Website: http://www.голдэкспресс.рф/

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