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Franchise: "Siberian Express Service"

Type of business: postal delivery

Lump sum payment: 300 000 RUB.

Royalty: 17 000 RUB (the first three months without royalties)

The amount of investment: 30 000 RUB.

Office of the franchisor: Kemerovo


Shipping has always attracted people's attention. Letters were awaited with impatience, trembling, a sinking heart. Receiving the letter brought joy, happiness and other deep emotions. Shipping had in its Arsenal of attractive attributes and symbols. In its activities, the SCS brings together with the letters all the same feelings. And in the corporate style of couriers, special offers, current trends in the work of the SKS will always see the same familiar postal paraphernalia. We sort the letters, put stamps, cook the wax, pack parcels, working in the mailboxes and come to your offices. Present every day in your life.

What we offer:

Commercially successful business

What gets franchisee:

1. Your own business under the brand brand.

2. Gets ready access to technology business.

3. Centralized advertising support.

4. Work with the existing customer base.

5. Internship at the head office.

6. Consulting the help of professionals head office at all stages of activities.

7. Assistance in the selection and training of personnel.

8. Legal support and advice.

9. Placement on the corporate website and social networks information indicating the location and address of the courier service.

10. The concept of courier service.

Requirements for franchisee:

The availability of the necessary investment and working capital.

Mandatory work according to the standards adopted in the "Siberian Express Service"

Orientation on long-term partnership.

The development and promotion of brand "Siberian Express Service".

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
300 000
Payback, month.
500 000 month.

Additional information

Franchise year of establishment
Franchise year of startup
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Franchise No. 45505
Created on: 16.01.2019

The category of franchise:
Franchise in the sphere of services

The amount of investments: 30 000

Lump sum: 300 000

Payback, month.: 500 000 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2015

Franchise year of startup: 2018

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Lezhneva Elena Aleksandrovna