Profitable franchise for sale cat engines for construction Equipment and passenger cars

About franchise

If you're tired of working for the man and no prospects of wage growth, then you to us))!
Russia's only Franchise for Sale engine, gearbox, Reductorul for cars and trucks.
Korea, Japan, Europe!

Let's start with the fact that In the first month you are guaranteed to get a profit!

The business works with 2012.
One franchise, one city!
Left the free cities some, call and ask about your city!
We already have 5!
Benefits of franchise:
— The payback period business of 3-5 months
— No need to look for customers, they get a call
— Full support and the support of business, will show you what, where and how? you need to do!

Why sell engines — is it useful?

1. You do not sell small spare parts with a minimum premium and minimum benefit for you. You sell fully working unit with all attachments.
2. Per month easily sell 10 engines. You do not need to seek customers, they will call you. in the first month, you will earn not less than 50 thousand rubles per month net!

3. However, you can earn much more if you sign a contract with various companies, AutoTech centers, fleets, construction companies, utilities and other car companies in the city and will be on a monthly basis to supply them with several units.

4. There are no extra costs for doing business. For start it is enough one person, an office and a computer with Internet access. At the opening of the office and the beginning of sales will take not more than 50.000 roubles for registration of necessary documents related to the purchase of computer, payment for the first month of office rent.

5. Large selection of engine models are always available in the warehouse of the supplier. Just contact the Manager and verify the engine model or the make and model of car. Then the Manager will send you a video showing you the engine that you sell to your client, wound.

6. Your income does not depend on the season. You can sell at any time, the level of your income is not reduced with the onset of winter/summer.

What you receive with the franchise:
— Base of trusted suppliers of the transmission and engine
— Training on product, sales and communication with customers
Website with a catalog of products and technical support
— Marketing tools and advertising campaign
— Legal and accounting support
— Constant advice of our specialists
— Personal Manager
— Detailed instructions on opening and doing business
— The contract with the transport company
Where to start?
1. Leave the application on our website or call us on the phone
2. We will explain in detail about the business, show you how to start to sell and make money
3. After signing the contract, our specialist will come to your city to help you find office and open a business

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
300 000
Payback, month.
90 000 month.

Additional information

Franchise year of establishment
Franchise year of startup
Franchise companies
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Franchise No. 46885
Created on: 26.02.2019

The category of franchise:
Franchise in the auto business

The amount of investments: 5 000

Lump sum: 300 000

Payback, month.: 90 000 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2015

Franchise year of startup: 2015

Franchise companies Five

Website: http://франшиза.азияграндавто.рф/

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