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The present and the future in partnership with us

Making decision about cooperation with our company, you will contribute to the development of the business, on the Internet.
We firmly believe that the development of online business may give the person the necessary independence and have success. So, what are the benefits?

  • Coverage of audience to conduct cases in the scale of tens to hundreds of times more than a store or a sales office.
  • Work where you want. You only need an Internet connection.
  • Work with experts who can be anywhere in the world.
  • The lack of rent for the premises in which your business is in.

And that's not all the delights of the Internet!

We are a company that is actively developing its presence in the network, in a variety of activities: digital Agency network of city portals exchange services, business directory and business social network.
Our goal is to provide projects that develop we and our partners in cities, a constant influx of users who will be interested in our proposals.
Want your business to work, do it first for the people!

I note that the format of the portal in which it exists in cities at the moment is only the beginning. In the future, with the development of the project, for each city portal, we will be adding new sections, such as: Billboard, discover, tickets, tours, city news and more.
Our goal is the creation of a full city the Internet-portals with the most diverse themes and rich functionality that meets the high requirements of the most sophisticated Internet users.

Options for the monetization of the city portal "Otima":

  1. The purchase users "VIP" services to promote their ads.
  2. The ability to enable only a paid ad placement for a single account after a defined number of already posted ads.
  3. The ability to enable only a paid ad placement in a certain category of goods, with its own tariff plans.
  4. The location of the users own Internet shops, which may cost you money.
  5. Promotion users of the goods from their online shops on the Bulletin Board.
  6. Implementation of banner ads on the site (own banner).
  7. Connect to website banner ads from Google or Yandex.

Your account will be connected with a payment aggregator, offering users to pay for the services of your Internet-site, by any convenient means.
After receipt of payment on your account payment aggregator, you can withdraw funds to your specified account.

Examples of calculation of income of urban portal

The implementation of the "VIP" service for ads
The cost of VIP services for ads at the start of the project — from 79 up to 210 rubles a week.
In the website more than 170 different categories for ad placement.
For example, consider the variant where in each category weekly there is only 1 ad with a "VIP" service at the lowest price — 79 rubles the result is the following: 170*79=13 430 rubles a week. Multiplied by 4 weeks: 13 430*4=53 720 rubles a month.

Implementation of the pay-online shops
The rate of placement of the online store user starts from 2 200 RUB. per year.
The number of open stores users can range from 50 to 1000 units a year, with further prolongation. For example, take the value in which the site paid for the year a total of 100 stores. In the end we get: 100*2 200=220 000 RUB. per year. Divide by 12 months received: 220 000/12=18 333.per month.

Implementation of advertising banners
The cost of advertising banners starts from 1 000 RUB./PCs.
In total, the 75 website ad banners, distinguished by popularity and categories. Implementing only about 10% of the banners we already get 7 000 rubles per month.

In the end, with competent work on the development of the Internet portal in the city, our affiliate will earn from 70 000 rubles per month.
And we have not counted the possibility of a paid promotion by users of the goods from their online shops on the Bulletin Board ("Item").

* This indicator is not a promise and is based on the average attendance of the site.

The size of the lump sum and royalties

One-time fee, depending on the population in the cities

  • Up to 300 000 — 48 000 rubles.
  • From 300 000 to 500 000 — 68 000 rubles.
  • From 500 000 to 1 000 000 — 88 000 roubles.
  • More than 1 000 000 — 108 000 rubles.

In the lump-sum payment included the signing of a contract for a specific city (one contract per city), the creation of a site for the city representative, site management training, and access to the General chat of the company and a closed group in VK.

Monthly royalties:

  • 2 000 rubles per month.
  • 10% of online payments.

The monthly royalty is part of the permanent content of the portal at high-speed server, regardless of its size, as well as technical support and all necessary advice in matters related to the development of the project.

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
48 000
Payback, month.
70 000 month.
10 000

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Franchise No. 47026
Created on: 01.03.2019

The category of franchise:
Internet franchise

The amount of investments: 48 000

Lump sum: 48 000

Payback, month.: 70 000 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2018

Franchise year of startup: 2018

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