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Avtolombard FinLine-Autosim — franchise profitable business with assurance of safety of their investments!

In 1999, we were pioneers in the mortgage market under the title in Russia. We were the first to offer clients with "auto title loans" — a loan secured on a car with the right of use.

Thanks to the accumulated over 20 years of experience and modern technologies of conducting business, we offer customers service of the highest level and help them to solve any financial tasks. Win the competition due to the high standards of POS-service, transparent credit schemes and profitable loyalty program. All our services are in full compliance with applicable law.

We provide:

  • the loans under the pledge of vehicles and real estate, Swiss watches,
  • leaseback of vehicles
  • online loans,
  • the refinancing of loans for third-party pawnshops and urgent redemption of the collateral,
  • attracting investment in the pawn business from individuals and companies.
  • the operating leasing of vehicles.

Our target audience — men and women of 25-60 years, the middle class, with stable income and higher education. Under this description, every third Russian! According to statistics, more than 30% of Russian citizens used or plan to use the services of pawnshops. These 15 million people, our and your potential customers!

The level of income of Russians is declining from year to year, and the volume of the mortgage market for the past several years shows a steady growth of 25-30%. Interest in the activities of pawnshops in the coming years is projected to be consistently high, so do not miss your chance to capitalize on the trend! Open the anti-crisis business with us franchise of pawnshop FinLine-Autosim!

Description of the franchise

Avtolombard FinLine — is a ready business, which is suitable for both experienced entrepreneurs who already have your pawn shop and the beginners without experience in this industry. The launch of the project takes just 30 days! After 2-3 months you come to self-sufficiency, and in 6-8 months will cover all the attachments!

Why Lombard market demand?

Mortgage loans – the current trend of 2019. At the same time, there remains no doubt that the Lombard market will continue to strengthen its leadership position in the field of private lending, and here's why:
• The tightening of conditions for granting loans by banks. In order to obtain the required amount, the Bank requires from the applicant a large package of documents including certificates of employment, as well as a perfect credit history. Such conditions can boast far not every Russian.
• The difficult economic situation in the country continues, and according to experts, in the coming year we will have a new round of crisis. The price increase is a reduction in salaries and layoffs forcing people to use the services of pawnshops, in order to find a way to survive difficult times.
• Consumer boom. The nature of expenses of the Russian residents getting closer to the consumer preferences from more developed countries. The population does not leave the habit to travel, to buy high-quality equipment, restaurants and in General is not afraid to make big spending. Often their implementation is necessary to resort to lending to pawnshops.
Lombard is a popular and affordable way to solve personal financial issues, which will continue to gain momentum. Last year, each of the twelfth, the Russians used the services of lending of this kind. Join a promising and profitable niche until it is at its peak!

Part of franchise:

  • Lombard business under the key methodological teaching material, the introduction of funding models to choose from, regulatory documentation, accounting and legal outsourcing.
  • Training — practical training and certification of head of Lombard and managers, monthly meetings and planning meetings, consultation with a personal curator.
  • Staff assist in the hiring of employees, conducting initial interviews, a complete system of motivation.
  • Software — CRM-system of its own design Finline-SB, customized scoring and integration with credit Bureau and state services.
  • Marketing — a brand book with 500 templates of marketing materials, ready site, landing pages and mobile app, SEO, promotion via Yandex.Direct, Yandex advertising network, Google Adwords, KMC, SMM and Mytarget. Driven 10-15 clients a day!

Requirements for franchise buyers

  • Investment 2 500 000 ₽. (including the lump-sum payment)
  • The population in the city — about 50,000 people.
  • Experience of entrepreneurship.
  • Registration of LLC.
  • Compliance with corporate standards.

Requirements to the room of pawnshop

  • Format office, pavilion or stand (possibly placing at the gas station Gazpromneft, LUKOIL).
  • Location — BTS or a detached building.
  • Area 20-40 sq. m.
  • Planning — the division between the waiting area and reception area.
  • Repair — beauty in the corporate style.
  • Outdoor advertising — a sign or a light box on the facade.
  • Communications — two channels of Internet communication.
  • Infrastructure — Parking and convenient access roads.

Leave a request and we will send a detailed presentation of the franchise and a detailed business plan for the ROI and investment.

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
550 000
Payback, month.
6 month.

Additional information

Franchise year of establishment
Franchise year of startup
Franchise companies
Fifty one
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Created on: 15.04.2019

The category of franchise:
Franchise microfinance institutions

The amount of investments: 2 500 000

Lump sum: 550 000

Payback, month.: 6 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2013

Franchise year of startup: 2014

Franchise companies Fifty one


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