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Lyceum for kids "cherry" is a network of the centers of early development for children from 10 months to 10 years.The first center we opened in 1998 in the city of Vologda. During this time we have accumulated vast experience and are ready to share. We now have 4 private center in the city of Vologda, 1 in Yaroslavl. One center in Kurgan opened this year for the franchise. In each center every year we take from 300 to 700 children. Since 1998 we have trained more than 15,000 children. In November 2017, we decided to develop a franchise network.

The network of Centers of early development for children from 10 months to 10 years which includes: children's intellectual development; creative development of children; concert and festival scene.

Why it is profitable to open a child development center? Children's centers of early development is a new trend of time. Ie it is just fashionable. But it's not just fashionable, they give children a huge boost in development. Such centers began to appear about 20 years ago and we are happy that the "cherry" is one of the first centers in Russia. The birth rate in Russia is growing every year. The number of quality centers who consistently work more than 15 years and parents trust is very small. After 10 months after the baby is born we are ready to accept him with his mother at our center.

What our center is different from kindergarten? Children come to us for a short time in my Studio in 45 minutes 2 times a week in addition to kindergarten. There teachers are engaged with them on special programs in the form of a game. We do not repeat programs of kindergarten, our program is much more effective and interesting. We are getting a powerful impetus to the intellectual and creative development, which includes reading, counting, memory development, training pen to the letter, the development of collegiate skills in special play techniques in the studios of the mother plus baby from 1 year to 2 years, in the studios of early development from 2 to 3, 3 to 4, the studios, the 5 to 6 years 6 to 7 years. In the same way we teach children in the studios of English language, Chinese language, chess Studio, music Studio, dance Studio, theatre Studio, in the Studio, in the Studio of mental arithmetic. As our children gain the unique experience of performing on stage, participating in various festivals, concerts and competitions.

So, we propose more simple compared to kindergarten in the opening, and is much more efficient from a financial point of view option .

Why it is easier to open such a center than a nursery ? The requirements of the state control bodies to us much softer. Children come to us for the whole day, often after kindergarten or at the weekend. No need to organize eating, walking, sleeping. If the area of 70-80 square meters, the kindergarten will accept a maximum of 20 children who do not go to the public garden, our center in the same area of 300 - 400 children per month, and they can attend kindergartens. Ie, every child from 10 months –could be ours. The financial benefit is obvious, the Main question of how to ensure that these children remained for a few years and brought their friends? Here You need our help. We will help to select staff, teach, give instruction, reveal the secrets, will be lead by the hand until, until You stand firmly on its feet.

Package "Development"

The amount of investments: 600000

Lump sum: 180000

Payback: 6 month.

Package description

a recognized brand and registered trademark; detailed brand book;documents for opening and completing inspections; training Manager; assistance in the selection room, the room design project;layouts of promotional materials, banners; legal assistance; accounting program with accounts for children linked to the Bank; the training of staff; training materials and detailed work programme of the intelligent studios early development, school readiness, namely: detailed summaries of sessions studios of early development for children 1-3 years (in detail with pictures and photographs), plans, notes studios early development:for children 3-4 years, 4-5 years, plans notes studios preparing for school:for children 5-6 years of age; for 6-7 year old children; video materials, permanent curator;website contact group.


The amount of investments: 700000

Lump sum: 250000

Payback: 6 month.

Package description

package "Development" and the creative unit, namely:package "Development";program and concert (video) art studios:group show "Cones" and "Fruktiki" show of the ballet "the Nutcracker"; help in organizing a concert and festival work: scripts and live performances of children's musical fairy tales scripts productions and video festivals of KVN "the Cherry carousel", scripts, productions and videos of holidays, birthday Cherries, scripts, performances and video events Prom Cherries;the principle of preparation and organization of video content chess tournament "Cherry king" (city-level grant chess level) principle of preparation and organization, scripts, and conducting video "Kids Olympic games" (city-level); video materials, permanent curator, website, contact group.

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