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I Krotov Oleg. The founder of the company Lagunika

Why I decided to start a franchise?

The main reason is that I myself, was once the owner of the franchise. I won't say what company, but I will say that the company was

A. Located in Moscow

B. the Company was very successful

But, as I tried in the city, with a population of 100 thousand people, to develop this direction, I could not get even 1000 shares of the kind of success that was in Moscow owners of the franchise.

It took me 4 years to understand that Moscow and the regions — is a different planet and business in them is completely different. The fact that Moscow can work hard and achieve incredible success in the region may simply not have room to exist

His tenacity and desire to succeed, I purchased the franchise, was able to implement 2, it is absolutely other business. One of them is a carpet shop Lagunika, which at the moment is fully automated and brings a steady income.

So, being a franchisee myself, I understand the needs of potential franchisees, their fears and doubts. With this understanding created our franchise.

The basis it laid down the principle 2

  1. It is a successful and stable business is fully adapted to the conditions and specifics of the regions
  1. To create such a proposal, which would have closed all the objection of potential partners.

Namely, powerful technical support and the sole purpose to bring franchisees on the result.

About the company

The company Lagunika (last Fast&Shine) is on the market since 2013.

Specializiruetsya service to individuals and commercial organizations in the field of dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered and leather furniture, rugs, mattresses and car interiors.

In 2013, the Company F&S began providing the services of on-site cleaning of carpets and furniture at home

In 2014. Square 30mkv opened the first inpatient service for dry cleaning carpet extraction method

In 2015 the extension of the area up to 50 µv and the modernisation of the cleaning methods to rotary tamponirovanie

In 2016 in connection with the increase in demand for dry cleaning services, the company F&S extends the working area up to 90 mV, and is set first in the centrifuge for extraction and rinsing carpets

In 2017 the demand for services has doubled in the positive reputation of the company

In 2018 a Move to new premises on the square of 100 mV and the installation of the machine knocking out all debris from carpets. 2018 increased profits by 130% in relation to 2017

In 2019 the company's Rebranding with Fast&Shine on Lagunika. Trademark registration Lagunika. Increase production space to 150 µv. The opening of additional points of reception of carpets in the city of Sarov. Purchasing a car in the state and the implementation of free pick-up and delivery of carpets to the clients. Increased profits by 22, 5% relative to 2018

Goals for 2020.

* Development franchajzingovoj network throughout Russia

* Opening additional branches in other cities

* Run automated line for cleaning carpets

The main priorities of the company are:

The quality in the first place! The first and most important priority of the company is the quality of services. All services provided by the company must be provided at the highest level.

Focus on the customer. Lagunika company provides professional services in the field of chemical cleaning and are focused entirely on the client. This means that OUR customer is for us the most important

Purity. Order. Discipline. Sphere dry cleaning can not exist in chaos, dirt and the house. One of the most important components of the principles of the company Lagunika is: 1. Purity. Cleanliness in the workplace, the cleanliness of the working tool, cleanliness and neatness of apparel specialist 2. Order. The procedure for working 3. Discipline. Discipline is a measure of reliability and confidence of the client in the company.

Improvement and development. The company Lagunika never standing still and always striving to evolve and improve. We aim to create a team of professionals where each member of the staff also seeks to improve professional skills, to achieve a perfect result, as well as personal growth.

Will the businesses in Your city?

Answer the following questions:

What is the population in your city?

Does Your city cafes, restaurants, fitness clubs, hotels, cinemas, kindergartens?

Do You think they have dirty carpets, sofas, chairs, mattresses?

Are there carpets, upholstered or leather furniture, rugs, mattresses in your apartment?

If these products are to be kept clean, or they will need periodic cleaning?

Have you seen the hanging carpets near car washes?

Do you know about the holidays, before which traditionally do General cleaning, such as Easter or New year?

How do You think children and Pets keep clean? Or they often stain and spill something?

Do You think this will ever end?

Why will people order dry-cleaning? Because new products do not always have the opportunity to return to the purity, freshness and originality is possible, and for modest money!

Why choose our franchise?

The lack of competition. Tell me honestly, You know in your city where You have a professional shop for cleaning carpets?

This area is just beginning to find its niche in the market. And You can be one of the first partners of a successful company Lagunika - professional dry cleaning

Current time Now important to open the business. There is a transition of the mind from a non-specialized services in carpet cleaning to quality, professionalism and specialized shops.

Stable business Carpets will be cleaned always! Used to do on open water, now it is done on the car and very soon it will be done only in specialized shops, because it is convenient and quick.

You can trust us Our experience of 7 years. We started off with a detergent cleaner and exit cleaning at home, but organically grew to a professional repair shop.

Open to cooperation Honest business. The main principle of our company is sincere and honest relationship with each partner. We don't just sell a franchise, we take responsibility for the success of our partners.

Know what strong Regions – our Forte! Know the specifics of building business in the periphery. Already implemented one successful project from scratch in a small town.

What is included in the franchise:

The room (technical data)

  • Requirements
  • Area
  • Communication
  • Location
  • Repairs in the room
  • The lessor and the terms of the contract
  • The tenancy agreement
  • A lease of non-residential premises

The organization of the working space

  • Full sizes and sketches, and materials for the manufacture of racks/dryer/structures for storage of finished rugs
  • Suppliers of equipment for drying carpets
  • Methods of separation areas for cleaning/ washing and drying of carpets

Official documentation

  • The contract for services with individuals/ with legal persons
  • All documents for the formal employment of employees (list of employee card/ Form No. 1/ payroll/Staffing/Timecard/ labor contract/Bill)
  • The act of acceptance and transfer of goods
  • Receipt
  • Memo to the client
  • Okwedy
  • Price list


  • Payroll
  • The principles and philosophy of the company
  • The recruitment system
  • Employment conditions and responsibilities of a specialist
  • Contract internship
  • Detailed instructions and routing for the specialist cleaning of carpets, rugs, mattresses, baby carriages, upholstered and leather furniture
  • Safety
  • The system of bonuses and penalties
  • Schedule 1/2/3 specialists

The rules for professionals

  • Rules of acceptance of goods to the dry cleaners
  • Rules of registration and logging of acceptance of goods to the dry cleaners
  • The rules of communication and relationship with customer
  • Rules of acceptance of the goods on departure
  • The rules of delivery of goods
  • Rules of storage of carpets
  • The rules of putting carpets in the shop and on the road
  • Work with objections of clients
  • Rules of operation and maintenance work of the equipment and inventory of Cleaning products
  • Vendors of cleaning products in the ratio quality/price
  • The selection of the current system stain
  • The subtleties and nuances of removal of certain contaminants
  • And methods cleaning products
  • The rate of flow chemistry
  • The secrets of removing heavy contamination
  • The safety of working with chemicals
  • How to avoid chemical and physical damage during cleaning
  • More of a combination of removal of various contaminants
  • More methods to remove any odors
  • More methods for saving chemicals while maintaining 100% quality
  • Ready Selection of starter kit all the necessary cleaning products Advertising and promotion
  • Ready-made layouts, banners, flyers, business cards, signs, gift certificates, etc printed materials
  • Ready demonstrative videos
  • Promotional videos for th
  • Maintenance of accounts in social networks: secrets, posts, current competitions, working target
  • Proven and existing advertising company to find new customers both online and offline
  • Ready ads for free message boards
  • The finished article in a newspaper
  • Work with regular customers


  • Form accounting client base
  • Form of income
  • Form statistics
  • Form of cost accounting Equipment
  • Selection of suppliers for equipment
  • Prices on equipment and supplies
  • Discount when purchasing equipment through our company
  • The selection is checked and equipment cleaning
  • Installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation of equipment
  • The methods and techniques of repair of equipment
  • The necessary equipment for cleaning articles Cooperation with commercial organizations
  • The Treaty/acts of acceptance and surrender/account for the maintenance of commercial organizations
  • Finished design-commercial proposal for organizations
  • Target audience among the commercial organizations.
  • The finished scripts, contracts with commercial organizations

For the head

  • Business plan for 1 and 1, 5 million rubles
  • Cases answers to all the questions of the customers
  • Work with objections of clients
  • Scripts for phone calls
  • Strategy and tactics start and continued business in this area
  • The definition of the target audience
  • Closed group Lagunika-Boss
  • Free consultation for any questions
  • Ready-made website format город
  • Ready corporate e-mail format город

Buyer requirements...

Important conditions

The franchise is worth the money

Of course, the franchise is not free. At the moment, in the beginning of our journey of scale, it costs 189000 RUB together 359000 RUB... We share not just theoretical knowledge, we pass on practical experience, which is confirmed valid, successfully developing business in the territory of our city. Find out more about our offer and decide whether you want to become our partner or not

Will have to work

If you decide you want to become our partner, You will have to work. Our offer does not include: — Combining the basic work with the development of the business; — the Purchase of the franchise and hope that all will develop by itself; — the franchise and hope that we will do everything for You.

We do not sell, we are looking for partners

We are looking for: — Entrepreneurs with an understanding of the fundamentals of business. It is important to understand the fact that you have to work to make efforts and overcome difficulties; — Motivated people with a positive Outlook on life who wish to achieve success. If You live with a sense of sacrifice, I believe that the world is unfair to you and all blame for your failures, please close this offer now.

We reserve the right without explanation to refuse the partnership

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
189 000
Payback, month.
180 000 month.

Additional information

Franchise year of establishment
Franchise year of startup
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The amount of investments: 1 636 800

Lump sum: 189 000

Payback, month.: 180 000 month.

Franchise year of establishment: 2013

Franchise year of startup:

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