Zoo Hotel "Eeyore"

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Eeyore is a comfortable accommodation for Your pet, where every guest is surrounded by care and attention, receiving professional care.

When investing 600 000 RUB., (together with the lump-sum payment) You earn from 100 000 rubles per month. The payback period to 7 months.

Feeling the atmosphere of our zoo hotels,
You will want to return again and again.


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About the franchise

First of all let's start with the fact that we have no closed zoohotel, all work in plus. We have a clear strategy of how to make this business profitable.

By choosing us you get:

1. Exclusive to the city.

2. Lifetime use of the brand.

3. Search staff (we guarantee you that You will have the best employees).

4. The departure of professionals (training your team) at our expense.

5. Model project of promotion of your zoo hotels you have in the city (the result will amaze You).

6. All advertising and multimedia project.

7. Discounts when buying equipment from manufacturers that will save You more than 300 000 RUB.

8. Online entry to You via mobile app (Apple store, Google market), online recording through the network website, where You will have your own page and online entry via the application Vkontakte and Instagram.

9. Finally and most importantly, why You are here is profit. And we guarantee that You will get it.

All of zoohotel earn from 100 000 rubles per month!

Training and support

You will have a personal Manager to solve ANY issues related to the work of zoohotel. We will not just advise You, and do everything for You, from employees to the full running of the social.networking and support in advertising and promotion of your business.


– 30 sq. m. the city Center is not mandatory.

Requirements for franchise buyers

We have special requirements for buyers of the franchise. We are looking for people willing to take in this business is improving along with it. Our company produces not selected for the business experience and desire to work.

We are looking for those who don't care about the income of 1 000 000 rubles., and only add strength to open the next branch. Open for franchise "Eeyore" and to obtain income then anybody can. We're sure of that!

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Created on: 21.04.2020

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Franchise year of establishment: 2020

Franchise year of startup: 2020

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