Production.LKM VDAC.Paint for construction.

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Read my ad carefully, it will help You not to lose money and become the master of personal business, without intermediaries, which is easy to ‘ugliness’ and no matter what your education. Sell recipes in the production of coatings VD-AK (acrylic emulsion)-paints, primers, varnishes, coatings, decorative plasters, etc., I propose the recipe of the large Russian factory where I work interchangeable technologist. Better than my suggestions You will not find.The web is full of swindlers and liars and all of them I know and if You are interested-I will tell you about them and give the facts from official sources. If You really WANT to RUN this production-save my contact. If we do not agree with You — then You try to use other sources of this information.You will find a offer with a BEAUTIFUL business plan (and they are). But the number of recipes You will find.You will give the recipe for which You will have one-off clients, as poor quality products the second time will not be buying one. After You will simply get the money, then REMEMBER me.Believe me that people even a year, not believing me at once, and throwing to the wind a lot of money for the charlatans-still started to work with me. Algorithm start cooperation with me such 1.You Send SMS in your e-mail (email) in the contacts phone number.This room has Viber, WhatsApp 2.I give free three working formulation-that nobody will give You. 3.You within 7 days, check them (go on and 3 days).Now in every city there are organizations for standardization and certification.Or consult any chemist. 4.If You are satisfied and You are within those 7 days.we agree on a price (I can give). 5.At the start of production will need a room from 15 m2 and about 150 000 rubles — this is with the purchase of my recipes + to order manufacturing mixers + purchases of raw materials for the production of 2.5 tons and a small associated costs. 6.We have the highest quality-we work according to EU standards-by our of those cards is a 10 l bucket-15 pounds of paint -most manufacturers in the 10 l bucket-12-14 kg 7.Equipment You will make in a workshop where metal and will cost about 20 000 rubles. 8.Certification LKM VD-AK voluntary and don't listen to vagrants.There are legislative acts of the Russian Federation. 9.If You need Certification for coatings VD-AK it is just the remote-You turn to a company that has the right to do certification and the.They will request Your information on the LEGAL person.Will ask what is LKM VD-AK.You speak of the styrene acrylic dispersion acrylic thickener, microcalcites, etc. thus they do not need the names of the components.As it is not required to give any shop or product samples, etc. On the basis of the above, they do Your LEGAL person THAT ( they are standard for all coatings VD-AK ) and certificates of the customs Union for three years. 10.At the initial stage you can do without them.I'll tell you why and how.During this time, You with minimal investment can turn out of customers and for earn capital.After You calmly, without prejudice to the family budget will be able to open a company with all the documents.

Financial ratios

The amount of investments
Lump sum
50 000
Payback, month.
300 000 month.

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Created on: 17.06.2020

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The amount of investments: 150 000

Lump sum: 50 000

Payback, month.: 300 000 month.

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