Invest in land, shares and shares, including trading in bankruptcy.

Invest in the following projects associated with real estate in all regions of Russia except the Caucasus republics, including trading in bankruptcy.

1. Purchase of land plots at a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT from the market price and their future development.

2. The purchase of claims secured by the pledge of real estate and General accounts receivable.

3. The acquisition of shares and blocks of shares (25% + 1) organizations that have significant real estate on balance

Inside and the services of intermediaries are welcome and well paid! We invite to cooperation of agents, specialists in the land, lawyers, Directors of companies, Trustees in bankruptcy etc.

Please read the note!!

Don't need to sell us objects at market value! The purpose of our business is to buy at a discount from market, create added value and then sell or write in their own government.

Also, you should not offer to build something, we are not engaged in construction.

What we are interested in mentioned above, if your proposal does not meet the above criteria, please do not waste neither our nor your time!

And last, do not call letters you can send to the postal address betriainvest(a) the calls are usually on time, spent a lot of time on empty talk, moreover, we of your call will forget it in 5 minutes if your proposal is interesting for me, I will contact you.

Thank you for understanding!

100 000 000
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