Invest in property on the basis of equity participation.

I am a private investor and I represent a group of private investors. My service — investments and organization is a real investment for the purchase, reconstruction and repair, equipment and commercial real estate. I can arrange investment? The purchase and equipping of commercial facilities: shops, shopping centers or markets. Hotel buildings (purchase, upgrades) hotels, boarding houses, motels, small hotels. Production facilities and logistics units. You can, relying on investments to buy even the unfinished construction object, assuming that You will control its completion and operation. Investment is provided as equity, no "Bank interest" is not provided. This is a full business partnership and a powerful tool that allows you to scale Your business. If You don't have enough money for Your project, You can count on our support. If You just want to sell us the object is not interesting. I wonder if You want to create or grow a business on the basis of real estate. We do not invest in the construction "from scratch". For the organization of investment we don't need heavy business plans, enough to start a brief feasibility study and the presentation of ideas. The project must provide a return on invested capital at least 12% per annum.

500 000 000
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