Financial program through Swiss and German banks.

Offers quick financial programs for investments.
work with banks, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Credit suisse, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank,

basic conditions:

amount of funding: EUR 50 000 — 470 000 EUR. //

profit: 5 % per month.
lock financing: none.

the timing of the fin. program: from 6 months and more. //extension is optional.
(monthly the possibility of withdrawal of profits and of the whole body of funding)

as well as the possibility of taking in program from 1 MILLION EUR.
1)- Bank guarantee (European model)
2) is your Bank guarantee one Bank but from the European branch.
3)- other assets and securities.

Weinberg A. Invest. Kreditlinie.
Sincerely Weinberg.

100 000
All branches
Profitability: Sixty
Reviews 500
Responses 2
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