Aviator — Technopark in the field of electronics, instrumentation

Technopark Aviator, Kazan, designed for enterprises and innovators in the field of electronics, instrumentation. We provide funding, support (tracking, accounting, law., patent services), prototyping, and most importantly the possibility of faster and cheaper to carry out the idea as having "colleagues on shop" with the expertise and experience of the development, production and promotion of products in Russia and abroad.
Simultaneously, we are ready to consider co-investment in projects. Especially interesting to investors that can log your knowledge and skills: promotion, sales, programming.
Sample project: Autoregistrator — individual Bluetooth headset for business. 24 hours entry phone and face-to-face conversations, editing, OCR the text, save in the cloud, in a personal archive, life, data protection. The project is at the stage of testing the main functionality.


International projects
10 000 000
Biotechnologies, Domestic and other staff, Industrial parks, Engineering, Informational technologies, Designing, Plant industry, Robot science, Agriculture
Profitability: Fifteen
Reviews 343
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