Provide loans secured by real estate, auto or business.

Urgently need money? Loans secured 1 hour! The object of the pledge remains with You! Approve the loan in 30 minutes in 90 per cent of the value of your property. 100% approval! Confidential!

Loans secured by real estate, vehicles and PTS with a minimum package of documents for any purpose, with credit cash in day of signing of the loan agreement.

  1. A loan secured by vehicle and title.

— Loan term: from 1 month to 1 year.

— Interest rate: On the design of a car under pledge of 5% per month or 0 to 16% a day with the right to use the car.

— Car from 20 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles.

— Estimated value of vehicle: up to 90%.

  1. Issue loans secured on any property. Consider both residential and commercial properties, including: apartments, houses, townhouses, offices, warehouses, hangars, give the money to the debt secured by the land and unfinished construction sites.

— The interest rate on real estate from 2% in a month.

Why us?

Loans for any purpose up to 150 million rubles.

— Loan term from 1 day to 1 year;

— No hidden fees ( everything is simple, clear and transparent);

— Registration under the Federal law "On the Lombards" (legal registration);

— Extensive experience in Finance (8 years in the market, more than 4000 clients);

— Competent assessors (the lowest % in the market);

— Loan up to 90% of the market value of the property (the higher the rating your property);

For mortgaged vehicles warm, indoor and secured Parking.

— 100% approval, provided that the issued on the security of the property must be legally clean is not in the other collateral.

— Work quickly, consider an application for the receiving money in the same day, issued the first office visit or remotely;

— Possible professional advice of a lawyer or a Manager of the company on the phone or in the office;

— The essential minimum package of documents;

— When fast obtaining documents from the borrower for an advance shall be issued immediately after the signing of the loan agreement;

— Individual approach. The opportunity to adjust the terms of the Treaty, taking into account individual characteristics of equipment, real estate;

— We give out loans to all customers, even with bad credit history;

— Wide geography. We work throughout Russia. Ready to consult with partners from neighboring countries.

  • simple steps to receive money:
  1. Leave the application by phone.+ 7 968 300 90 17
  2. Get approval (up to 90% of property value for any purpose);
  3. Make the contract (for 3 documents: passport, PTS, STS on the car, or the documents of ownership (extract from the egrn) real estate, additionally you may need technical or cadastral passport) without inquiries on incomes, guarantees and credit histories.
  4. Take the money (in cash or by transfer to a Bank card). Funds will be available to You immediately.
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