Auctions in bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals earning more than 15 % per month

Project description

Hello, Dear investors!
What do we do?
We buy in liquid assets at the auction
bankruptcy of individuals and legal
individuals for their effective implementation
for profit.
Who are we?
Our project opened in 2017 and we have attracted
more than 15 million rubles of investments! It was won and
implemented for more than 10 liquid assets on open and
public auctions! Some investors, a year after
the conclusion of the contract with us has already received more than 80%
annual net profit! We are a team of young experts
bidding in bankruptcy. Our goal is to increase capitalization
project to open new offices across Russia. For
this purpose, we need to at least earn
for you, our investor!
1.Real estate
Before buying a property we conduct a deep
legal and economic analysis. If it is a residential
the property you must explore all its legal
the documents spelled out anyone in it, what is its cadastral
the price for tax calculation with its implementation, appreciate it
market value, does the object with market demand, which
discount we are ready to offer the future buyer with a quick
the sale to calculate what discount we are ready to buy
the object of the mandatory site visits.
Before deciding to purchase the car from the auction first, we
conduct a legal assessment of this decision, namely:
how check car by traffic police databases, how many
owners whether they have an accident, are there any restrictions
on a vehicle, whether it is in the pledge requested
the documents for the car with an expert report in the arbitration
Manager check these documents for authenticity. In our
the team got a auto that holds expertise in
everyone we are interested in the car. Going to the inspection, he
checks the operability of the engine, overall condition
car exterior, mid-market, given the loss of commodity
value. Only after we consider the feasibility
the acquisition of this lot for its further implementation.
To decide on the repurchase of receivables
it is necessary to understand the current financial condition of the enterprise
or person of the debtor. It's not as simple
to examine the financial statements and see that the organization
is not in the stage of bankruptcy. You must ensure that
it is not in the verge of bankruptcy, produce a series of tricky
the steps, in order to understand that this debt has not arisen
fictitiously by the debtor in the bankruptcy procedure, test
used the current account organizations and in the
volumes, make sure that the organization is not available to other creditors.
For this type of analysis requires a large amount of time
we are ready to dedicate, because this type of investment is
one of the most profitable in the auction in bankruptcy.
Our conditions of cooperation.
— we share all net profits to the investor in half (50%)
— we report to the investor on the work done once in a quarter
we bear full material responsibility for the investor's funds
— we guarantee the investor's yield of 50 % per annum

Market analytics

The project is aimed at the Russian market, which further develops and grows in connection with the introduction of the 2015 FZ «On bankruptcy of physical persons»

The uniqueness of the project

The advantage of the project is that «the market of bankruptcy» will never disappear. Opened every day, Macromedia liquidated and a new company, people are taking every day, millions of credits and become insolvent. Relationship between organizations and people committed every second across the country. But, unfortunately, these relationships do not always lead to the desired result of both parties, and as a result, bankruptcy, auction. Therefore this activity will always have the opportunity to invest in new profitable assets.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 08.09.2018

Russia, Moscow City

Project price: 5 000 000

Investments volume: 5 000 000

Stage: Business for sale

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Agafonov Sergey Vladimirovich

Russia, Moscow City
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