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It is an ideal business even for those who do not understand neither in production, nor in accounting or business at the firm.Most importantly, according to the Russian legislation, any paint products based on water not subject to mandatory certification.Therefore, at the initial stage do not need to invest large sums of money because you do not need to open a company, does not require any specifications, certificates and other permits.You will be able to start production in the garage.During this time, You with minimal investment can earn customer base and the volumes of production.After earning capital, You can safely and painlessly for the family budget will be able to access in their own firm and make all the documents.The equipment is very simple, can be done even in the garage... Raw materials can even be bought for cash.
You are getting ready for production and sales business.Fast start, ability to obtain speedy impact.You will avoid many of the errors that occur in the initial phase, which will run with zero losses.
Sell working process chart for manufacturing the water dispersible acrylic materials-over 250 flow charts on the primer, putty, paint and much more, and those cards dry mixes.
It's not just the recipe, which is a lot on the Internet-this is the routing with detailed and minute description of the loading of the necessary quantity of raw materials (components)and mixing time. The allocation of the required number of components is automatically in XL size and eliminates the human factor of making mistakes in the calculations.
These technologies are used in production at the existing large plant that is included in the 10 best plants in Russia.I work at this factory replacement technologist, so all information is 100% reliable and first-person.
All the raw materials of European production, so All products are of the highest quality, but nevertheless cheap cost of production, and not inferior to the famous European brands.For example-in our 10 litre bucket-15 pounds of paint. Most manufacturers of from 13 kg to 14 kg.
The equipment can work even from a wall outlet is 220 V. but it is really a mini factory where in a month you can do 20-30 tons of different coatings.The basis of making all data LKM-normal tap water ( 35 to 95%).
You can run your business LKM everywhere.In any region of Russia and CIS countries.The yield from 100 to 400% of the raw material cost depending on the kind of coatings, distribution channels etc. Assortment, pricing and profitability you set for yourself.There are no restrictions.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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