CarTaxi: Vehicle evacuation automation system

Project description

CarTaxi is the informational system for automatic performance of vehicle evacuation. The service already brings the profit and has been started successfully in more than 120 Russian cities. More than 9000 work performers registered in the system, among them 7000 active ones. CarTaxi expands rapidly its geographical borders and depth penetration into the market, and at the stage of the preparation to the global scaling. Service was started in spring 2017, the start of the development – early 2016.

Market problems:

Market disorderliness: up to current moment, the global automatization hadn’t affected the business evacuation, same like Yandex and Uber at taxi market. This business works everywhere with the use of outdated dispatch methods, in small and average agglomerations: in each exact city, it is required to search the telephones of local operators, dispatchers.

Machinery idle running: when searching and ordering the services of separate evacuation market participants, there inevitably presents the non-effectiveness when selecting the optimal variant of the work performers, what leads to more long-lasting submission of the car and idle running. This is, finally, reflects in service price and awaiting period.

CarTaxi project combines all evacuators of Russia (and as perspective for near years of the entire world) into common online - network. Order receiving and execution processes automation reduces to minimum the human factor and allows to withdraw from the outdated dispatch methods, therewith increasing the speed and the quality of automatic evacuation services rendering. Except that, due to integrated geolocation system of the service, the client automatically reaches the closest work performer. In such a manner, the evacuator owner avoids the “idle run” of machinery, thus reduces the expenses. Also, CarTaxi partners make economy on advertisement and dispatcher services. All this allows making the vehicle evacuation price lower than the mid-market price.

CarTaxi – complex informational system, aimed to automatize the vehicles evacuation.

The main participants of the business process are the users of the Service (Clients) and work performers (evacuator drivers). The system was designed and implemented based on principle of client - server- based architecture, with single API entry point, with the help of which there is interconnection with system components.

The System includes the following components:

Mobile app for Clients

Mobile app for work performers

Website with administrative panel

Server software

Company website:

Company website

Market analytics

Commercial evacuation market share in the Russian Federation, as per CarTaxi data, is worth ~30.2 RUB bn.

For reference: the USA market scope equals to 6 bln (USD), at the same time, there is annual growth of % 2.5. Considering the rating of automobile towing in relevant countries, the experts say that global market is worth of more than 26 bln. USD (Automobile Towing in the US: Market Research Report. IBISWorld (December 2016))

The uniqueness of the project

CarTaxi is fully automated service; this allows shorting of the evacuator arrival time and significantly decreases the service price due to idle running minimization.

Monetization sources

Monetization in CarTaxi service happens due to fee for evacuator service and equals to % 10 to 15 of service price. Growth drivers are replacement of “sober driver” service, implementation of innovational logistic instruments for vehicles transportation between the cities and the countries.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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