Rosewood Gardens

Project description

We are currently renovating what was an abandoned building, we are now in the stages of decorating. Rosewood Gardens aim to be a Restaurant that delivers a relaxed and high quality dining experience. We will grow our own produce on the land using polytunnels. We have a large function suite licensed for 250 people we would like to become a leading supplier of wedding receptions in the area. Surrounding the premises is 6 acres of land, one field has been dedicated to farm animals for customers to visit, we currently have 2 baby pygmy goats and we hope to get some more animals soon, we will use one are for polytunnels to grow produce and the large field will be used for us to have in-house events such as our Beer and Burger festival we are holding next month. We have a large outdoor dining area that we hope to make beautiful, colourful and eye-catching to attract possible couples looking to hold a wedding with us.

We have made fantastic progress and we are so close to being able to finish. We are hoping to open the whole establishment in September and we have had interest from 3 Essex newspapers and the Honourable Mayor. There has been tonnes of excitement around the local area's for us opening. We have invested all of our own money and we are in need of a little help to make this a reality.

Market analytics

We have a realistic financial forecast that has been overseen by experienced business owners in similar trades our net profit for our first 12 months trading is estimated £298,597 GBP

The uniqueness of the project

We are in a rural area between many villages, we dont have a great deal of competition however we offer something different. We can garuntee the freshest food as we grow our own produce and customers are welcome to look through the polytunnels and all of our suppliers are locally sourced. We will  have a petting zoo to attract families and hold events as the area lacks interesting things to do. 

Sales strategy and marketing

We are advertising in local magazines, newspapers and throughout a 30 mile radius. We use social media and face to face networking. 

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 06.07.2018

United Kingdom, Essex

Project price: 4 177 256

Investments volume: 1 002 541

Stage: Project is at development stage


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Shore Ellie

United Kingdom, Essex
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